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How to know if you're "expert" enough to create a course

The Online Course Coach Podcast

Release Date: 11/12/2018

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One of the things that beginner course creators struggle with is the uncertainty surrounding how good they are at what they want to do. Sometimes they are just overwhelmed or afraid to start. Truth is, every course creator at some point doubt whether or not they are qualified to undertake a particular project, whether it's creating a course or starting a business. It's a limiting mindset that can hold you back from embarking on a course or even being successful in it. So this episode talks about how to know if you are expert enough to create an online course. It also covers a bit of how to overcome fear and why you should not be overwhelmed. You may also be interested in how to create effective online courses that don’t overwhelm students.

How are you an expert?

First of all, think of all the things you are good at and write them down. How can you add value, improve lives, save your client/customer, help them add a revenue stream, help them be more calm/balanced, help them communicate more effectively with their friends or colleagues...pretty sure there's a lot you can do to impact the lives of others. Having a list that you can always refer to can help reduce the overwhelm since it'll keep reminding you how valuable you are. Most of the time we look at the things we haven't accomplished and totally turn our backs on the great things we have done in the past. Sometimes you just need to remind yourself of your past successes and maybe repeat on them again.

Are you struggling with imposter syndrome?

This is when you doubt your accomplishments and you have a persistent internalized fear or being exposed as a 'fraud'. Maybe you are comparing yourself with another successful person in your field and think you aren't good enough like them to create a course. Maybe they are making so much money or they have a huge following, then you think you are not 'them' to make a huge impact as well. How do you deal with imposter syndrome then? Well, recognize it and push through it. Success usually happens when you overcome your fear. Make a list of reasons why you need to create a course. Find what you can offer differently from other course creators and embrace the fact that there are other course creators in your field. What will happen if you don't create the course anyway? Well, unless you are completely happy with your life or very successful in your business and making a lot of money, then there's a need to create one. Weigh the options between the reasons to create and not to create the course and see if you should take that path or not.

How do you identify your expertise?

Start by writing down what you are good at that is unique or solves a pinpoint. Maybe it's your experience, training, certifications, or you are good at numbers, relating to people, or whatever it is. You don't have to the best in the world but simply what you are good at. Then, what are you energized or passionate about in regards to your topic? You can be great at many things but it's difficult to create a course on them if you aren't excited with them. In addition, think of the sub-skills you are good at in your field. For instance, you may be a web design expert but very good at marketing, course creation, or e-commerce. This can help you niche down and find your specialty.

What's holding you back? Fear?

Let's admit, many times we are held back by fear from delving into the 'unknown'. Maybe you are scared if the business is going to work out. Maybe you think you are spending so much money on a project and you fear it may be in vain. Truth is, it's okay to be afraid especially the first time you're doing something. There is confusion and a learning curve as well. So here are crucial steps of overcoming fear as written by J. Abraham in his book, "Your Secret Wealth: Hidden Assets & Opportunities That Can Change Your Life". 

  • Step outside your box. Envision yourself stepping out of the zone that has been holding you down.
  • Don't compare your middle to someone's else top. This is where people become discouraged and so you have to avoid that too. Note that comparison steals joy.
  • Turn your fear into motivation. Have the mentality that if others can do it, you can do it too in your own unique manner.
  • Be grateful that you want more. It would be bad that you are just content with what you have and don't want any change or challenge.

Will the course be successful?

Most courses become successful on the back of an engaged audience. It begs another question, how do you grow and engage with your audience? Just go to http://onlinecoursecoach.com/resources and learn from these two useful resources; The 3 simple ways to grow your expertise (even if you have a lot of competition), and 5 ways to build an audience for your online course.  Keep in mind that you don't necessarily need a huge audience. Identify a need and fill it. Make sure to create an email list before you start creating a course. This is how you can start growing your influence for future success. Planning is another important factor in course creation and the 12 Week Year is one book that can guide you on this. Are you still wondering if you are qualified enough to create to a course? How about you stop listening to podcasts, reading books, reading blogs, and watching videos. Maybe you just need to get out there and get things done. Has this episode been helpful? Hit the subscribe button so you don't miss future updates.