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Win-win partnerships with the accelerator method with Abdo Riani

The Online Course Coach Podcast

Release Date: 03/07/2019

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How do you handle your competition? What if you could find solutions where you both win and so do your students? One of the things we discuss in this podcast is how to leverage the audience of indirect competitors, those who offer complementary and supplementary products, instead of fighting for the attention of their audience. Abdo talks about how to build joint partnerships and launch different types of win-win partnerships by implementing this method, what he calls the Accelerator mMethod. This content is really helpful and opened my eyes to the opportunities to work with others with the goal of serving more people and Abdo is a master at this.
But before we jump in I want to talk about an upcoming week long mastermind event happening next week, March 11-15. This isn’t like a virtual summit where there’s tons of presentations with no interactions. This will be part content delivery where I and other speakers will bring you helpful training, but we’ll also open up most of the time to your questions. I’m only doing a limited promotion in this podcast and by sending out 2 emails. So make sure to jump on this if you’re looking to create an effective course or improve your existing one. You can learn check it out at onlinecoursecoach.com/sickcourse