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Radical Spirituality with Dick Sutphen

The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth

Release Date: 01/01/2019

The Outer Limits of Inner Truth welcomes the return of Metaphysical Teacher & Author Dick Sutphen

​Dick Sutphen has spent 45 years researching human-potential and psychic abilities and he is called “America’s Leading Past-Life Therapist” by the Body Mind Spirit Festivals in England and Australia. As a specialist in Past-Life Regression and Spirit-Contact Therapy®, he has a private hypnotherapy practice, and has created 600 mind-programming CDs. ​​Dick Sutphen also started the Valley of the Sun Publishing Company in Scottsdale, Arizona in the 1960s and was founder and former director of a Hypnosis Center of Scottsdale.

Dick’s first best-selling book was in 1976, “You Were Born Again To Be Together,” Simon and Schuster Pocketbooks. While out on tour for his book, Dick was the first to hypnotize a member of the audience on national television on the David Susskind’s Show, Tom Snyder’s Tomorrow Show, and Good Morning America. Dick has created and conducted Master of Life, Bushido, and other Psychic and Reincarnation Seminars worldwide and developed innovative group hypnosis exploration techniques that are now being used internationally. Over 300,000 people have attended one of Dick’s seminars. As a Professional Hypnotherapist, he is well-known for his hypnotist trainings and has received numerous awards.

Dick’s first books were published in the 1960s by Dick Sutphen Studio for the professional advertising and design market. The large hardbound editions of Old Engravings & Illustrations Volumes I & II were highly successful and led to a dozen additional titles that sold worldwide. The only consumer title published by the Studio was The Mad Old Ads. The book received major media reviews and was picked up and published by McGraw Hill, New York, and W. H. Allan, London.

Between 1976 and 2012, Dick wrote, produced and recorded over 600 audio and video programs that included hypnosis, meditations, sleep programming, and audio books on cassette. Most were released by Valley of the Sun, but he also created projects for several other audio publishers. Foreign rights to Dick Sutphen books have been sold in nine countries and several licences were given to Nightengale-Conant to produce and sell unique titles.


Selected Writings & Lessons From Dick Sutphen

What you resist, you draw to yourself. As long as you resist something, you are locked into combating it and merely perpetuate its influence in your life. Resistance is fear, something that you need to karmically resolve. You must let go of the fear by encountering it until you learn to consciously detach from what you view to be negative.
– Dick Sutphen in “The Oracle Within”

Why believe in God when you can experience God? Belief is a poor substitute for experience. If you want to know, don’t simply believe. You can only believe things you don’t actually know.
– Dick Sutphen in “The Oracle Within”

Joshu is my favorite Zen Master. It is said that a monk once asked him, “To be holy – what is it like?”
Joshu replied, “To dump a mountain of shit on a clean plain.” In Zen language that means if we do not divide the world into “holy” and “unholy,” there is nothing to stain it.
– Dick Sutphen in Master of Life magazine

A Zen monk was with his roshi one day when the roshi was murdered by thieves. His roshi cried out in fear and pain as he was being murdered, and this disturbed the student greatly. He was about to leave the monastery when another roshi approached him and said, “Fool! The object of Zen is not to suppress all emotion, but to free us to fully express at the appropriate moment.”
– Dick Sutphen in “Master of Life”

A Zen story concerns an elder monk in a Japanese monastery. The young novices were in awe of this man, not because he was severe with them, but because nothing ever seemed to upset him. A few of the young men decided to test the monk by devising a plan to scare him.
Early one dark winter morning, it was the monk’s duty to carry tea to the Founders Hall. The young men hid in the alcove of a long and winding corridor near the entrance to the hall. Just as the monk passed, they rushed out screaming like crazy men. Without faltering a step, the monk continued walking on quietly, carefully carrying the tea. When he arrived at his destination he set down the tray, covered the tea bowl so no dust could fall into it and then fell back against the wall and cried out in shock “Oh-oh-oh!”
A Zen Master relating this story said, “There is nothing wrong with emotions. Only one must not let them carry one away, or interfere with what one is doing.”
– Dick Sutphen in “The Oracle Within”


Dick Sutphen Quotes

“Everyone is doing the best they can – not the best they know how but the best they can. So to judge others by our own standards is always a mistake.” – Dick Sutphen

“Love me without fear. Trust me without questioning. Need me without demanding. Want me without restrictions. Accept me without change. Desire me without inhibitions. For a love so free . . . Will never fly away.”
Dick Sutphen


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