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Are We Taking Our Kids’ Sports Too Seriously? | POF132

Parenting Our Future

Release Date: 01/18/2022

Is Your Teen’s Anxiety Good or Bad? | POF146 show art Is Your Teen’s Anxiety Good or Bad? | POF146

Parenting Our Future

As a mom of two teen boys who both have anxiety, I know how hard it can be to navigate and help them without becoming anxious about it myself!  If you have a child with anxiety, first know there is hope!   In this episode, psychologist, Melanie McNally and I talk about why kids are more anxious than we seemed to be at their age.  We know social media plays a part but we have so much more access to news, 24/7 In this episode, Dr. Melanie and I talk about how can parents tell if their child's anxiety is normal, everyday stress or if its harmful anxiety that's holding them back....

The Science of Acne and a Natural Way to Heal it (that works!) | POF145 show art The Science of Acne and a Natural Way to Heal it (that works!) | POF145

Parenting Our Future

As if it isn’t hard enough to enter adolescence with hormones, growth spurts, hair in new places and ACNE!  The first question my guest, Dr. Yug Varma, was WHY!?  Why does it happen and why does it coincide with adolescence? Dr. Varma has over 10 years of microbiome research experience and has uncovered a bacteriophage (a type of virus that infects bacteria - literally a bacteria eater) that’s found on clear skin but is absent on acne-infected skin.  His product Phyla, introduces the bacteriophage, to acne prone skin to eliminate it.  I thought it was important to...

Social Anxiety Solutions | POF144 show art Social Anxiety Solutions | POF144

Parenting Our Future

Since the onset of the pandemic, 46% of teens identify as having new or worsening mental health conditions.  Why?  What’s going on?  Why are so many kids anxious and what is social anxiety?  My guest, Kyle Mitchell, or as he’s better known, Social Anxiety Kyle, is talking about this mental health crisis and what we can do to support our kids who are struggling.  The fact is, anxiety is normal, and every single person on the planet has it because it’s part of our survival system!  Therefore, we can’t eliminate anxiety but we can lessen it and learn to live...

Spotting Danger Before It Spots Your TEENS | POF143 show art Spotting Danger Before It Spots Your TEENS | POF143

Parenting Our Future

Every time I talk to Gary Quesenberry, I learn something new.  The safety tips he’s shared with me have stayed with me.  I’m so excited about his newest book addition to his safety series, “Spotting Danger Before It Spots Your Teens”.   Gary has turned his career in law enforcement into teachings to help you raise your children safely, even if you don’t know what’s lurking around the corner.   Gary’s foundation is based on situational awareness: how people should act, reading the environment, identifying problems, knowing your options, and reinforcement...

The Power and Purpose of Rest | POF142 show art The Power and Purpose of Rest | POF142

Parenting Our Future

Sleep is the most underrated aspect of wellness. As parents, especially moms, we lose so much sleep in pregnancy, when the babies are born and for many years as our kids grow up. It seems “easy” to forget our needs for sleep and just run on empty because you are so needed and valuable to everyone in your life. Here’s the thing, when you aren’t rested, you aren’t thriving. You DESERVE to live a life filled with joy, fun and connection….and getting enough sleep is KEY to having a great life.  In this episode, I’m talking to someone I think the world of, my friend and expert...

The Fear of Not Being Perfect | POF141 show art The Fear of Not Being Perfect | POF141

Parenting Our Future

This episode is packed with so much information, it has something for everyone!   We are talking about working mom life, parenting, toxic positivity, setting boundaries and how to sit in your power as a woman!  Please meet my wonderful guest, Christine Michel Carter, who is the #1 Global Voice for Working Moms.   She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in helping career women navigate the workplace and, when needed, works with them to transition to new flexible opportunities without sacrificing their income. Throughout our discussion the same theme kept emerging and that is...

F*ck being Fine| POF140 show art F*ck being Fine| POF140

Parenting Our Future

Fine…The other F-word!  The other four-letter word and this one is keeping us from being happier, calmer and more connected to the people in our lives.  When I say “I’m fine” I don’t mean fine at ALL! I just don’t want to say I’m not great, or talk about why I’m not great in that moment.   I see “fine” as a bandaid word! It often covers up what’s really going on.  When my husband asks me how I’m doing, and I reply with “fine” I expect him to ask me more (oh those unspoken expectations that get us into trouble!!). Lori Saitz, is an expert in...

Solving the “Motherhood Penalty” for Working Moms | POF139 show art Solving the “Motherhood Penalty” for Working Moms | POF139

Parenting Our Future

Even in today’s day and age, workplaces are still dominated by a culture that favors men as business leaders but research is finding how working moms are best equipped to bring 21st century leadership skills into the workplace. I’m passionate about supporting parents, especially moms in the workplace, see their value and embrace the skills they have that make them such effective leaders. My guest, Jen Murtagh, feels the same way. So much so that she built her company Maturn, to support mothers transitioning in and out of maternity leave. According to research done by Bright Horizons,...

Bullies, Bullying and Boundaries | POF138 show art Bullies, Bullying and Boundaries | POF138

Parenting Our Future

Nothing brings out your MAMA BEAR instinct like when your child is being mistreated. If your child is being bullied you can’t help but feel a whole host of emotions in defense of your child and against the bully. But what if your child is the Bully? What do you do then? One thing that will help is teaching your children social emotional skills as well as learning boundaries how to set them and how to respect them. Christina Furnival is here to help us navigate the bully and boundary issue with such amazing knowledge and insight! In this episode we talk about: The importance of social...

First to a Million - Guiding Your Teens to Early Financial Freedom| POF137 show art First to a Million - Guiding Your Teens to Early Financial Freedom| POF137

Parenting Our Future

I was so excited to talk to my guest, Dan Sheeks, and learn more about how he teaches teens to achieve early financial freedom.   When I look around at the cost of real estate where I live, I wonder how my kids will ever afford their own house. It’s not unusual for a simple home to go for a million dollars.   If I think too much about it, it makes me worry…BUT I feel a MILLION times better (see what I did there? ;)  after talking to Dan!  Dan shares so many practical tips with me and in his book, “First to a Million” where he teaches how to build wealth and stay...

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Playing sports is a right of passage for most kids as they grow up. It’s an exciting time for kids and parents as they learn a new sport, build new skills and create new friendships. I’ve loved watching my kids play their sports and meeting new people who have become some of our closest friends.

I’ve also seen parents take their kids sports too seriously and completely forget that it’s supposed to be fun, first! We all want the best for our kids and we want to give them the opportunity to be as successful as possible BUT we need to be realistic about what our true intentions are.

I’m so happy to be talking to Coach Steve Morris who is a dad of three and has seen it all. His mission is to help parents be realistic about their kids sports and their potential while cheering them on and supporting them.

In our super fun conversation, we talk about:
How parents can make sports more fun for their kids and themselves
When parents run their own agenda in encouraging (or forcing) their kids to play sports, it can lead to them rejecting the sport altogether (and them!).
Why you don’t want your kids playing the same sport 365 days a year
The passion for sports needs to be driven by your child, not parents
Toxic coaches
What parents are inadvertently doing wrong and what they can do instead

Coach Steve has a copy of his list, The Great Eight, which is the 8 qualities parents need to be aware of in order to make sport fun for everyone. It’s a MUST read for every single parent with a child in sports. Download it from the Parent Toolbox: www.parent-toolbox.com

About Steve Morris
Steve Morris took a circuitous path to discover his life’s mission. He studied history at Yale, produced television commercials around the world, and continues to write screenplays that adorn his shelf.

It came down to his energetic four-year-old wanting to play soccer for Steve to become the living, breathing embodiment of falling into something you love. With a bag of balls, dim muscle memory from playing in high school, and a cache of how-to books, he brought his son, Evan, and a dozen of his friends out to the wilds of their local southern California park, where together they dipped a toe into the wonderful world of youth sports. It wasn’t long before he was coaching every sport Evan and his siblings, Dori and Griffie, wanted to play.

Over time it became clear that the playing field was leaning more toward the competition of travel teams and club sports, leaving development and recreational fun behind. In an effort to right this imbalance, Coach Steve was born, and in 1997, Coast Sports was founded. What twenty-three years ago began as an excuse for father-son bonding became a thriving business with the dual goals of recalibrating the fun-competition quotient for the kids, and assuring their parents that this was a healthier and more sustainable model for everyone’s happiness and success.

Coach Steve encourages parents to enjoy their kids’ brief ten-year window in youth sports, while keeping their hopes and expectations in check. Out of the millions of young kids who enter sports, roughly 17.7% of them will play high school sports; fewer than 7% of those will play in college, and the number who go on to be professionals are infinitesimal. The most dynamic statistic is how many create life-long friendships with their teammates.

Contact information:
Website: https://www.whatsizeballs.com/
Email: [email protected]
Social Media:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coachstevela/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFP99sPxoIekg-kBBilDegA

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