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Prom Fashion 4-EVAH, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Sexism in the Workplace

Pop Fashion

Release Date: 04/09/2015

Welcome to another edition of Pop Fashion podcast! This week in hot topics - a high heel that changes color will be released this year. THE FUTURE IS NOW, PEOPLE. In other news, it's springtime so prom is on our minds. Retailers are starting registries so girls don't end up at prom in the same dress (i.e. Brenda and Kelly on the BEST EVER 90's episode of 90210). In horrible prom news, a school in Pennsylvania is requiring pre-approval of prom dresses before female students are allowed to purchase tickets. Also, the New York Times recently featured an article that explored Christian Fashion Week in Tampa, Florida. But, is style an expression of religious freedom, or a means to draw a line in the stand when it comes to female members of the Church? In other news, American Eagle Outfitter's underwear brand, Aerie, won an award for body-positive advertising, and Cosmopolitan Magazine is under fire for a dubious beauty post. 


Our main topic is about sexism and sexual harassment in the workplace. What is a freelancer to do when he / she experiences harassment and doesn’t have the resources of a HR department? What are best practices to help ourselves and other small business owners? Come hang out!  


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