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Lululemon’s Fashion Recall, Jimmy Choo Drama, Get Your Confidence Back

Pop Fashion

Release Date: 07/02/2015

Welcome to another edition of Pop Fashion podcast! This week in fashion hot topics - Lululemon recalls 300,000 hoodies due to drawstring injuries, a model protest at men’s fashion week results in the best quote ever by Rick Owens, and Marissa Webb’s first collection for Banana Republic was kinda “meh.” In other news, shopping has become a big deal during Ramadan (and fashion houses are taking note), the former co-founder of Jimmy Choo sent a cease and desist letter to her old company, and Justice tries a new retail tactic this summer. Additionally, Dov Charney continues to prove that he is made of snakes and a woman has a complete meltdown in Macy’s over the price of a handbag.  


Our main topic this week is about confidence! How do you get your confidence back after a major setback? Is it possible to build confidence like a muscle? Come hang out!


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