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Episode 44: Beyond the Canon

Quantum of Friendship

Release Date: 08/17/2017

Get Pierced #5 - Final Score (2018) show art Get Pierced #5 - Final Score (2018)

Quantum of Friendship

Final Score is our final episode. This fifth installment of Get Pierced will be our last before taking a hiatus, from which we may or may not return. We discuss our reasons, as well as the latest #Bond25 update, that True Detective's Cary Joji Fukunaga is directing the next James Bond movie. Since we're no closer to this next movie and it's been three years since we started this podcast, we have concluded it's about time we take a break. Enjoy one last hurrah with Sky Cinema's Final Score, approximately 20 minutes of which stars Pierce Brosnan. The star here is Dave Bautista, saving West Ham...

Mission: Impossible 1, 2 & 3 show art Mission: Impossible 1, 2 & 3

Quantum of Friendship

Before discussing the first three movies of the Mission: Impossible series, Richard picks apart the latest Bond news that Danny Boyle is no longer directing the final Daniel Craig film in the James Bond series. Jonathan also announces our new fictitious sponsor, and will continue to do so until actual sponsors reach out to us. The trilogy of spy action films that enabled Tom Cruise's adrenaline-junkie lifestyle is reviewed in its entirety here. So if you've never seen them you can get through all three in the time of one film here. Brian DePalma in 1996. John Woo in 2000. J.J. Abrams in 2006....

Mission: Impossible - Fallout show art Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Quantum of Friendship

Delivered just in the knick of time Mission Impossible style, this month's episode has suppressive persons Richard and Jonathan watch Mission Impossible: Fallout. This installment of the franchise pushes the envelope for action stunt work and audience ability to ignore Tom Cruise's Scientology. There is discussion of that along with tangents about Elon Musk, the Irish Presidential election and other movies' casting decisions. Jonathan ponders Henry Cavill's bizarre comments on #MeToo while Richard dissects subtle psychedelic details in the shot of Henry Cavilll's physics-altering arm-reload....

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011) show art Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011)

Quantum of Friendship

This marks the first episode of our non-existent strand "You Know What Seydoux: The Filmography of Léa Seydoux". She stars alongside Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg and Sawyer from Lost in 2011's Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Richard discusses everything he likes about this solid spy adventure while Jonathan speculates on how Elon Musk would fit into a real-life espionage plot. Together, they might even figure out whose body was hidden inside the spacesuit in the Tesla he sent into space. They also find time to discuss the campaign to remake The Last Jedi and controversial blackface group,...

O.K. Connery - Operation Kid Brother - Operation Double 007 show art O.K. Connery - Operation Kid Brother - Operation Double 007

Quantum of Friendship

Beyond the Canon. Beyond Eon? As in, Beyond The Eon Productions Canon. Look, this strand of the podcast can have multiple names, lots of things do. Consider 1967's "O.K. Connery", aka "Operation Kid Brother" aka "Double Agent 007". There are many exploitation parodies of James Bond before you even leave the cinema of Italy. Where better to start than with the parody starring Sean Connery's real-life brother Neil Connery? Watch the quickest rise from Edinburgh plasterer to 1960s Doctor Strange in cinema history. It's not just the facial hair staying where it is on his face. He has the...

Now You See Me 2 show art Now You See Me 2

Quantum of Friendship

It's the return of cinema's favourite iconic team, the Horsemen. Now You See May looks at the magician franchise which against all odds got a sequel. This episode looks at Now You See Me 2, in which Jon M Chu, director of "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never", directs cinema's longest card-flicking-based heist scene. Jonathan provides a brief overview of Chu's career, including the upcoming "Crazy Rich Asians". Richard tries to decipher how the tricks of Now You See Me 2 were done, and crucially, why any of these characters are the way they are. There is also discussion of harassment allegations...

Now You See Me show art Now You See Me

Quantum of Friendship

It's "Now You See May" with our close look at Now You See Me, the movie where magicians are considered cool for some reason. Enter the world of everyone's favourite iconic character team, the Four Horsemen. There's Jesse Eisenberg playing a Jesse Eisenberg-type. Woody Harrelson playing a Woody Harrelson-type. Dave Franco is a thief and Isla Fisher is an actual witch with unexplained supernatural powers. FBI agent Mark Ruffalo will convincingly hunt them down in a bizarre and inexplicably successful movie. It raises many questions for Richard and Jonathan, questions like; "Why did Dina get more...

Get Pierced #4 - Death Train (1993) show art Get Pierced #4 - Death Train (1993)

Quantum of Friendship

This latest instalment of Get Pierced looks at a surprisingly obscure Pierce Brosnan movie. What a highly-rated YouTube comment called "another good train movie". 1993's Death Train also stars Patrick Stewart, Christopher Lee and Buffalo Bill him, her or themselves, Ted Levine. Alexandra Paul of Baywatch fame stars as a feisty modern 90s woman who don't need no man. But there's a man she has to team up with; a Pierce Bros-man who is more sexist in these movies than any of his Bond outings. Together, they solve gender equality and political correctness forever, working under Patrick Stewart's...

Get Pierced #3 - The Thomas Crown Affair (1999) show art Get Pierced #3 - The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)

Quantum of Friendship

Thunderballers, Piercings, 90s kids, lend us your ears. Throw your hands in the air like The Thomas Crown Affair. Our series on the filmography of Pierce Brosnan continues. This episode looks at the 1999 Netflix release Annihilation. Writer-director Alex Garland follows up Ex Machina with a romantic heist caper starring Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, Rene Russo and returning collaborator Oscar Isaac(s?). Can Thomas Crown steal paintings from a mysterious Shimmer that appears to bend the laws of reality? Richard seems to think so, delighting in Pierce Brosnan's best performance as Bond as...

Tomb Raider (2018) show art Tomb Raider (2018)

Quantum of Friendship

It's not just 2018's "Tomb Raider" that brings Lara Croft to the big screen. There is also 2001's "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" and its stilted 2003 sequel "The Cradle of Life". Whether it's Alicia Vikander or Angelina Jolie, Lady Croft is the most down-to-earth ass-kicking, globe-trotting, robot-fighting, communing-with-dead-spirits, sprinting-up-pyramids, espionage-expert, archaeologist-adventurer billionaire you're likely to find. Richard shares extensive knowledge of the video games on which these films are based, as well as his love for Iain Glen. Jonathan is enamoured by Alicia Vikander but...

More Episodes

This episode looks beyond the canon of official and semi-official James Bond movies to see the immensely broad cultural impact 007 has had around the world. You can tell by how many awful knock-off movies have been made of it. Such movies feature in the list of topics discussed here:

HBO's Confederate

For Your Height Only, of the Phillipines

The plague

In Like Flint

James Bond 777, of Tollywood

James Bond Junior

Sherlock Holmes and the 22nd Century

Licensed to Kill, with a 'd'

Breaking Bad fan films

Lord of the Rings fan films

The Rock

Looney Tunes: Back in Action

Dr Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine, Dr Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs

Two Mafioisi against Goldginger, of Italy

Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die, of Brazil

Help! It is Vengos, Visible Agent 000, of Greece

The End of Agent W4C, of Soviet Czechoslovakia

O.K. Connery, of Italy, starring Sean Connery's brother Neil Connery

Fathom, starring Raquel Welch

Unlocked and our upcoming Noomi Rapace podcast "I Hardly Noomi"

From Hong Kong with Love, of France

The Dragon Lives Again, in which Bruce Lee's ghost fights James Bond, Dracula and other characters

From Beijing with Love, of China

Pub Royale, starring Alan Carr

How does America vote for Trump so relatively soon after the success of eco-warrior blockbuster Avatar?

OSS 117

Never Say Never Mind: The Swedish Bikini Team

008: Operation Exterminate, of Italy

The Agent 077 series of Italian exploitation cinema;

-From the Orient with Fury

-Mission Bloody Mary,

-Special Mission Lady Chaplain

The Simpsons and "You Only Move Twice"

"Beloved Eva"