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GMB Local Pack Rankings for Roofing Contractors

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Release Date: 02/10/2021

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raisetherank's podcast

Okay. Today's video is all about reviews. Responding to reviews and what reviews will do for your business. You know, I've said it for years, you can build a great roofing company, remodel company off the backbone of Google reviews. And today what we're going to do is go over the bright local. And let me just give you a quick background, who bride locally as they're one of the top sources for reviews and they have a ranking tool. On the planet. So they keep their nose in it and give a ton of information out all throughout the year. And this is their local consumer review survey results for...

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Okay, welcome to podcast number five in our eight-part series on GMB. Uh, we are really starting to move through this. Now we're getting it optimized. We're getting things going. We're learning some about some spam. So, uh, in today's podcast, we're going to be talking about Google map pack, how to keep your rankings increasing over time.

It's basically what we're going to talk about today. And at this point, I'm going to assume that you've done upfront work to get everything set up, claimed verified. Okay. So let's, let's dive into some more, uh, weekly fitness tips and not necessarily maintenance. these are tasks you need to take on.

And these are going to be things that you need to do each and every week. Now, once we start diving into this, you're going to say, okay, well, this seems really easy to do. And that might be true, but no matter how easy some of these things are, nobody does it. And is this a deal-breaker, Chuck? Yeah, it really is because I'll get into a few reasons that these are, but the first thing we're going to talk about content.

We're going to be putting content in our GMs. Now with Google, you gotta remember when you say content, a lot of people think, well, that's like a book that's just text writing sentences paragraphs. Well, that's not true with Google. Tan takes many forms, text articles, videos, podcasts, pictures, anything like that.

Is considered content to Google. They love it all. They love fresh and they love you. So some of the things that we're going to be doing each and every week is we're going to be doing a post. Now there are five different kinds of posts now with, with, uh, COVID when COVID here, they added, you know, code update and some other things.

So those are five different kinds of posts that you can do. Now my recommendation is that you do the post update. Now here's why the post-update is going to last for one week. Yes. That's going to make you do it again next week, but here's the thing inside of our post. That's where we can put a lot of information and a post.

You can do a post, not put, but five words, but now that's, that's not really doing anybody any good. And remember if you're not adding value. To your prospect or your lead, or even your client, if you're working them through the workflow and you're trying to get them to upgrade and explain to them why they need to go to that hip and Ridge shingle and why they need that.

A drip edge and they need to pay for these things. If you're not adding value in what you're putting in front of your client, then while I do it, I mean, my thing is to have good content or have no content. Yeah. And you just got to choose what you're going to do, but. This is where you can make a difference each and every week.

Do these things count? Yeah. Heck yeah. It counts. Everything that I'm talking about is extremely important. Even down to the things like adding a post. Now that's something that we do for Friday around here. Fridays are GMB date. Of course, we're in there all the time. But on Fridays, we make a post. Our posts are between 100 and 300 words and they have a unique image on each and every one of them.

Now here's something that Google did. I can't remember if this was part of the November 5th update that, you know, joy Hawkins called it Bedlam. And because the reason she called it, the battlement date is because it was a freaking mass. Now Google called it, I think possum 2.0. And it was kind of, an addition to possum, the possum update that was done well before that, but.

In one of these last updates, Google added text knowledge where they can now read an image so they could read every pixel that is in an image now. So if you post, if you just snatch. Uh, images, stock images off of GMB image search. Then Google is going to know that, that somewhere else on the web. So in your posts, you want to have a unique post and you want to talk about things like a pie, Jack repair, very common roof leak, issue, valleys that are leaking in your room, and repairs.

Anything else you want to talk about? The way you install a roof? If you strip the felt off of the roof and you shuck all those nails out of there, make sure you talk about that because these are going to be some questions. A prospect in the lead has. And you need to answer those for them, even if they don't ask some of these things, they forget to ask them, read it, see it, or hear it in one of your videos, podcasts for own your website.

Then you're answering questions. Cause remember our website is to do three things. Our website needs to answer questions. Solve problems and build trust. You're gonna hear me say that over and over because if we don't do those things, your prospect is going to keep looking until they find somebody that does a lot of cases is going to be down to price.

But if you're, if you're listening to this podcast, my guess is it's not about the price with you. This is about doing a good job, making a good profit, having a good healthy company. You know, that guy that is strictly interested in price the client in and just making thin margins. That guy is not going to check out a video or a podcast for me may or anybody else.

So if you're listening to this, these things matter to you, so anything that you hear me? Yeah. It, it most certainly matters. So now let's get back to that post right quick. Now, in our posts, we want to, whenever you're talking to a human or Google, you want to tell a story, a human can follow a story and they can follow a whale.

So if you're talking about a pipe, Jack repair, you want to talk about how you're stripping around all of the roofing shingles and the felt and everything. Stripping it away. The odds are it's not going to have any ice and water around it. So we want to talk about stripping it down. And we won't have pictures of that.

Then we want to talk about how we're prepping it. We want to make sure that we let them know that we're putting that ice and water down there that we're putting good synthetic felt around that. And these things matter. So you want to have pictures of that. And then you want to talk about how you're wrapping it up, putting the shingles back on there, how you're trying to color match it, and all these things.

And that's going to be easy for you to write between 103 hundred words on a post. Now, our images, we want to do the same thing before, during, and after and Google in that November 5th update. Or maybe it was one after, well, in one of the updates here past, I don't know, eight or nine months Google added where you can put 10 images on a post.

So that's pretty cool because now you can tell your, your post story. You can tell it with images now, and yes, that does matter because if a client or a lead at this us, just call them prospect or a lead. At this point, if they're sitting here seeing. What their problem is on your website or in your GMB posts.

They can follow that and say, that is how he is, does it? And that's how he's going to do it for me. That's what I want. So that's the reason we're, we're wanting. This is so important. And let me give you a couple of pro tips here, Google also in the November 5th update. They made it where if a lead or a prospect or anybody jumps on your GMB profile and they ask a question.

The first thing Google's going to try to do is to answer that question with a Google review. Now, how cool is it that your prospect can be sitting there having a five-star review fed to them, serve to them. About how you handle the city for them. That is super cool. Now the next thing is, if Google can't answer the question with a review, then they're going to answer it with a post.

So now you're starting to, I see some of the madness to what I've got going on here. Because these things matter because if somebody has a question about a pipe Jack or a roof installation, Google's AI is going to pull up that post and it's going to answer, it's going to pull that post up for them, where they can read it.

So that's big. That's, that's huge. So one of the next things we want to do after we've got our posts and our new unique image. Okay. Now let me, let me back up just a second. If you, if you don't have a lot of images, And you want to put something really cool into your posts with, and that's what we do. We use an app called ripper and.

The reason we use ripple is that you can make up a quick 15, second video out of your pipe, Jack repair and that instead of putting 10 images in there, you can put your ripple in there and that's a pretty easy app to use. This is pretty cool. I think you can even use the free version of the name costs you think?

So that's really cool. So now we want to add images to our picture section. And why is that important? Well, according to Google, GMB profiles that have over a hundred images in them, get viewed more than GMB profiles that have fewer. So what we want to be doing is we want to be putting 10 good quality images in our photo section every week.

And again, we want to do before, during and afters of everything that we're doing, whether it be a roof build, or whether it be a skylight installation or a pipe jet repair, we're telling a story. In everything that we do, whether we write a blog post, whether we take pictures and we upload them, all of these things are going to be telling the story.

Okay. So w w w what are the images is that really doing so, cause I had a friend of mine and this a realtor asked me about that. Okay. Well, let me go ahead and it, Oh, your mind right here. 20% of all Google searches in 2020 are going to be image searches. Okay. Well, how does that blow my mind? So, okay.

According to SEO tribunals, Google handles 3.8 million searches per minute. And of course, that's across the globe that comes out to 228 million searches per hour, 5.6 billion searches per day, and 2 trillion searches per year. Now, how big did that? 20% just become. So now when a prospect sees an image of a situation that they're in the middle of.

Thank you click on that and backtrack to your website, backtrack to your GMB profile, which is going to backtrack them to your website and get them and your phone number. That's what it's all about. It's about more opportunities. It's about more awareness. If you don't ever get awareness, you never make a sale.

And remember these people are not coming to you. They're not looking for you just because they think it's a good time to spend 15 to $20,000 on a new roof, or it's time to spend 2000 to 5,000 or even more on getting my roof repaired. They're coming to you because they got a problem. They've got shingles laying in the yard.

They got shingles sliding down on the roof. Of course, it's probably high nail, but that's good for you. They got a problem. They got a leak. They see something that is concerning them and you've got to take care of them. You got to remember you do this all day. Every day is no big deal to you, but to this homeowner, The odds are it's their first Ruthie ever put on the house.

It's crazy as that sounds as many roofs as you put on everybody else's, home there are pretty strong odds that it's probably their first roof. So I'm going to wrap up today's podcast and just talk about Google reviews inside of, uh, our GMB profile, because those, those are huge, you know, anybody, and everybody knows that you need Google reviews, but the problem is how do you go about doing it?

So I'm just going to leave that one on you. You need to be gathering up Google reviews every single week. You need to be asking every client, don't be scared to ask if you know, you had a real problem. And, you know, you had somebody that. Woke up and was born salty. I don't, don't ask those people for review, but you need to be gathering up reviews.

So I look forward to seeing you guys on the next podcast. Visit us at Raise the Rank for more information on GMB.