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REPOST - Episode 2: Resident Evil


Release Date: 11/07/2019

So while browsing the podcast feed on Apple Podcasts I noticed that a lot of older episodes are cycling out of the feed. I've decided to start re-posting older episodes on off weeks with no new episode so if you want to go back and listen to them you have the option. I already re-posted the first episode a while back so I'm jumping into the second one which works out because it keeps in the Resident Evil theme. Our second episode looked at the George Romero Resident Evil script. Enjoy.


Well we made it to a second episode! It's officially a podcast. This episode is timed with the release of the new Resident Evil movie in theaters. Resident Evil The Final Chapter. A film series that has spanned 14 years and made hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide, but has always been met with tepid response. Before the series launched, George Romero, the zombie king, turned in a draft to Capcom in 1998 that they then shot down. I sat down with my horror obsessed friend Vinny Malave to discuss this rejected take on the classic franchise.

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