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REPOST - Episode 4: Dragon Ball Z


Release Date: 12/06/2019

Well I've been in a work coma since Thanksgiving that isn't ending anytime before Christmas. There's one new episode coming for the rest of the year which will be an interview with a very special guest (Next week and you're not going to want to miss this!) This will also be the last repost of the year but I thought I would squeeze one more in while I'm working over 60 hours for the next couple weeks.


In 2009 Dragon Ball Evolution was barfed into cinemas to a much maligned response. It threw away everything that everyone knew and loved about the show and instead presented the most bare bones and boring interpretation of the classic anime/manga. Well little did we know the script to the movie was actually much close to the source material so I brought in my buddy and fellow Dragon Ball fanatic Nick Almendarez, professional wrestler and founder of Freelance Wrestling in Chicago, do discuss the Dragon Ball movie that could have been. As always you can follow us on social media. Twitter: @shelvedpodcast or you can email us at shelvedfilmpodcast@gmail.com.