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Getting High to do Yoga: Exploring Cannabis as a Spiritual Practice - Conversation with Dee Dussault [Episode 134]

The Sivana Podcast

Release Date: 09/05/2017

Should you integrate cannabis into your time on that mat? Are you already doing so and looking to go deeper? Whether you’re a massive skeptic or someone already using cannabis as part of your spiritual practice, do not miss this episode with the founder of Ganja Yoga, Dee Dussault. Together, we cover the basics: how to begin if you’ve never tried cannabis before, best practices on dosing, ingestion methods, and subsequent yoga and meditation techniques. We learn about the history, health benefits and chemical properties of cannabis, as well as how to pick the best strain for you personally. Many say cannabis is clearly mentioned in texts such as the Yoga Sutras and the Vedas. Is it true? Listen and find out in this special episode!

Dee Dussault is the creator of Ganja Yoga, cannabis-enhanced yoga classes. A yoga practitioner with over twenty years of experience, Dee was the first yogi to offer public enhanced yoga classes, and she's been doing it since 2009. Her book, Ganja Yoga, was released with Harper Collins in April, 2017, and her work has been featured in Vice, Business Insider, The New York Times, 7X7, Good Morning America, New York Magazine, and many others. Dee has taught Ganja Yoga to thousands of people, and has inspired dozens of other teachers to launch their own form of weed-inspired yoga.

Special Guest: Dee Dussault

insta: @ganjayoga


Creator & Host: Brett Larkin



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