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Let's talk uncommon sense

Stories of Success Podcast

Release Date: 01/07/2021

Reflecting on 3.5 years of podcasting - taking a break show art Reflecting on 3.5 years of podcasting - taking a break

Stories of Success Podcast

Hi all,

Mixed Mental Arts show art Mixed Mental Arts

Stories of Success Podcast

On this final episode of season 4, all my theories come together by speaking to Dr. Matt , Mateusz Grzesiak. Dr. Matt is a lecturer, therapist, and consultant. He holds several masters degrees, including in psychology and law, as well as degrees in management.

How to survive the crisis! show art How to survive the crisis!

Stories of Success Podcast

This episode was recorded back in January with Paul Rowlett. A British entrepreneur who thought he would lose his multi-million pound business, when we all went into the first lockdown in 2020.

Mindfulness in the workplace - a chat of two enthusiasts show art Mindfulness in the workplace - a chat of two enthusiasts

Stories of Success Podcast

I got introduced to Andy Lee through Cheryl from Xerox who has been on my podcast previously. When we spoke for the first time, we hit it off on the topic of mindfulness and stress reduction.

What all you can do with content! And what life taught us! show art What all you can do with content! And what life taught us!

Stories of Success Podcast

Case Lane is a global writer, entrepreneur, podcaster, blogger, and the founder of Ready Entrepreneur, a business that prepares aspiring entrepreneurs to start an online business. She has been a former diplomat, consultant and corporate executive.

Finding your niche! show art Finding your niche!

Stories of Success Podcast

Chala Dincoy, founder of Repositioning Expert and author of Gentle Marketing and How To Win Friends The Way Apple Wins Customers had been an award-winning marketer with a number of Fortune 500 companies including Pepsi, Frito-Lay, and Playtex, before moving on to found Repositioning Expert. 

Providing Psychological Safety for schools and in the workplace show art Providing Psychological Safety for schools and in the workplace

Stories of Success Podcast

Michael Brennan co-founded tootoot in 2013 with a core mission of supporting the psychological safety and wellbeing of individuals by making it easier for individuals to talk about anything that was making them feel unhappy or unsafe.

A new way to think for a new world show art A new way to think for a new world

Stories of Success Podcast

This week's podcast is with Francis Cholle. A global leader in creating social innovation for a sustainable future. For him it is all about unleashing untapped potential, key to achieving a competitive advantage by using intuitive intelligence.

Leadership Development from a Brand Perspective show art Leadership Development from a Brand Perspective

Stories of Success Podcast

In this week’s episode I  welcome Cheryl Smith to my podcast. Cheryl leads talent management for Xerox, a public company with over 25,000 employees globally. She is a seasoned talent professional with over 25 years of success in talent assessment, succession planning, leadership development, employee engagement, organisational surveys and change programs for world-class, global organisations including Gartner, Legrand, Diageo, MetLife and AIG.

A chat about leadership show art A chat about leadership

Stories of Success Podcast

For 20 years, Tim Spiker, founder of The Aperio and writer of The Only Leaders Worth Following has been helping individuals and organisations lead better, and find better leaders. He delivers keynote speeches and creates customised learning experiences to change the way people look at leadership, and he guides long-term developmental journeys as well.

More Episodes

In this first episode of 2021, it took me a while to understand what Csaba Toth was talking about. However, once I understood his ‘Uncommon Sense’ approach, I was sold!

It makes so much sense! Csaba has a similar journey to myself, and we live very close to each other too; so we have met again, deepened my understanding and see what we can do to educate the world on uncommon sense. Since recording the episode, I already did the test, read part of the book and got some valuable insights. Thanks, Csaba!

And when I talked about my results in my newsletter, there were a few curious questions.
His book offers a unique take on the often misunderstood concept of growth mindset as it addresses the root cause of why so many opportunities, time and energy are lost. They are either friction with people who think and behave differently or friction with our own saboteur inside of us. Positive thinking and affirmations are not going to fix it, but the science of uncommon sense can.
Note, this is not just a random idea. His concept has already been used by Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and entrepreneurs globally whose success depends on how much they understand themselves and others.
What we talked about
  • Uncommon Sense and Coaching
  • Growth Mindset
  • Global Disc Personality profile
  • Different challenges by generations
  • Culture groups
  • Cross Culture dialogue
  • Cognitive diversity
  • Culture is not who we are but what we are used to
  • Personality determines how you want to behave
  • Culture determines how you should / have to behave
  • What is natural vs. what is normal around you
  • Stereotypes and intercultural models
  • Questions to ask your HR about cultural integrity
  • Intercultural = Interpersonal
  • Missing of cultural intelligence on DISC profiles
  • Overlapping part of personal development theories
  • NLP, EQ
  • How to approach people from a different cultural backgrounds
  • Accurate thinking vs. Positive thinking
  • Friction with people and understanding why it exists
  • Friction with ourselves
  • We trust people that are like us
  • You can change your behaviour anytime but not your personality, resulting in you wasting your energy, not reflecting your values and not meeting your needs
  • Similarities inside but differences on the outside
  • Hierarchy of pain
  • Challenges during Covid
  • What we can influence in life and during Covid
  • Individual vs. Group Mindset isn’t about culture or origin
  • Diversity, inclusion and self-inclusion
  • Information doesn’t lead to transformation, it’s about experiencing it
  • Intellectual hamster syndrome
  • How we avoid things we aren’t welcome (which sounds common sense but could be ‘uncommon sense’)
  • How productivity in companies is increased through uncommon mindset
  • Growth mindset is about running faster, and uncommon mindset is about getting rid of your baggage
  • Meet Csaba on LinkedIn


Volker is a sales, strategy and leadership consultant. With a passion for coaching and mindfulness, helping individuals and companies to achieve more. In his podcast he interviews high achievers, entrepreneurs, consultants, visionaries, coaches, and mentors about their secrets and experience. Learn from the best! Find out more on his website or subscribe to his newsletter.

His latest release: Leadership Training for 2021 and beyond.