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Final wedding details checklist

Sunday promise wedding planning podcast

Release Date: 06/26/2019

Welcome back to another episode of Sunday Promise the wedding planning podcast! If you are new here welcome. You came in at a great part. 

I figured we are in the thick of wedding season. What better way to kick things off then to figure out all the fun logistics. Well at least for me it's fun! The details checklist is just the first of a series I am doing. The series will be all things for the final stretch of the wedding planning process. Where everything you have been working on, coming together for your two's big day. 

What I go over

How to prepare to make the checklist and items needed 

Pre ceremony items

Ceremony and reception items

Big announcements!

Links mentioned 

Details checklist 

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I want to here from you!

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or email me at haven@sundaypromise.com

Now that I am a few episodes in I want to do you ask I answer episode. Ask me your wedding questions and I would more than happy to answer. Or if you want to ask a question and it not be live that is fine too. I will very happy to help. 

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