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Fanfiction and the Business Side of Writing Books with Author Marisa Wolf

Talk Bravely

Release Date: 06/15/2020

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Ronetta Francis, candidate for Arkansas State Senate District 1, which is home to businesses such as Walmart joins our podcast.

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On today’s episode, I’m joined by Gayatri Agnew who is currently running for office seeking to be elected to City Council Ward 1 Seat 2 in Bentonville, Arkansas.

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Sithara is a student and political organizer working to register college voters in Florida. As a UCLA senior planning to graduate next spring with a degree in biology, she's passionate about turning out the youth vote of her peers and making sure young people’s voices are heard.

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On this episode, I chat with movement building expert, and single mom by choice--Amber England. Amber has nearly two decades of experience navigating the political world in Oklahoma. Amber talks about having a career in politics, lessons learned from a failed campaign in 2016, how she thinks about compensation now that she’s a consultant and mom, and how listeners can get engaged starting today with our 2020 elections across the country.

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Lynn Hancock, owner of Yoga Story in Bentonville, Arkansas, joins Talk Bravely to talk about owning a yoga studio, Covid, her mentors, and sobriety. Lynn has been a fitness professional for over a decade focusing on yoga, nutrition, and strength training. But she’s also a business superstar - she was able to flip her business and learn an entirely different skill set in order to stay afloat during a pandemic.

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Tuck yourselves in for a podcast all about vacationing during Covid-19 by RV. I’m affectionately calling this episode - TAKE YOUR DAMN VACATION. On today’s episode, I’ll share our family history of RVing, my 3 key messages about traveling the states in a camper, answer some of the most frequently asked questions about travel by RV.

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Lawyer turned real estate investor Diya Liu joins Talk Bravely. Diya started out as a Big Law attorney but turned to real estate investing and went from $0 to $100k net rental income with vacation rentals in 13 months.

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Today we’re talking about all things related to Covid-19 and the office. If you’re just starting out in your career world and faced with anxiety around physically going back to an in-person work environment this summer, coming to the realization that you may NEVER work in a physical space again with co-workers and have anxiety over remote work, OR are an essential worker who is still looking for ways to keep anxiety about in-person working at bay, you’re in the right spot. 

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Personal finance coach, recovering small business owner, nature lover, and investment junkie Luisa Alberto shares her story and her 5 Steps to get started with Personal Finance. Luisa’s entrepreneurial pursuits have involved some very tough lessons. She gets into some real talk on personal finance, building a career starting from her passion, and how she dug out of debt.

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Professional mountain bike & cyclocross racer for Liv Racing, endurance sport coach, and foodie, Crystal Anthony joins Talk Bravely to share her journey in competitive athletics and competing at the World Championships. We talk all things racing, training, making the decision to leave a steady (and impactful job) and how she finds fulfillment in both racing and coaching others towards their goals.

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Episode Notes:

A lighthearted conversation about writing, publishing, fanfiction, fanfic cons, and the business side of writing books. Marisa Wolf of the Four Horseman Universe series joins Talk Bravely about being the first in her family to go to college, her experiences with a few independent publishing houses, what exactly fanfiction is, how she’s trying to be a better saver instead of spender, and what being published means to her monthly income and sense of security in the world.

Marisa grew up in New England, moved to work in the South, and built her career in Texas.  After a few decades of work NOT in the book business, she decided to finally finish all the half-started stories in her head and has published her books and short stories over the past few years.

As of this recording, Marisa has a short story in an anthology released May 29th and it is not only a best-selling new release, it is also the number 1 top selling science fiction anthology on all of Amazon. Along with her published short stories, she’s co-authored two novels, and her second was a best-selling new release on Amazon as well.

What We’re Talking About:

  1. Marisa decided a few years ago to officially pursue writing. Kacey Ezell, a friend of hers, set a goal to get published and when offered the opportunity by a publisher to turn a short story into a novel, this friend reached out to Marisa to partner on it together.
  2. How she learned the business side of books while publishing her first book.
  3. Her passion for Fan Fiction - and even what is - which started when reading Anne McCaffrey at the age of 8.
  4. The myriad of ways publishers work with authors and that Marisa works with a handful of large and independent publishers.
  5. Advances for books are the bet that a publisher makes that a book is going to make a certain amount of money. So you get that in an advance and then if your book earns out, for the cost of making it, marketing it, and the advance, then you earn royalties. 
  6. How advances and royalties work for anthologies written by multiple authors.
  7. Her love for her Independent Publisher Chris Kennedy and his transparent way of writing contracts and sharing information and data about how much money books cost to both get into the market and how much they make.
  8. 14:15 How Marisa spends the money she makes from writing books ~ invests in herself through professional development, travel to conventions, donates to her favorite charities.
  9. The exhaustion that comes from writing and editing and promoting, but it’s a good exhaustion, and her writing process while holding a full time job.
  10. When editing a novel, she partners with her co-author and reads the book out loud in order to tighten up the writing.
  11. Whether or not she reads her amazon reviews.
  12. The purpose of conventions in the writing world, her first DragonCon, and the first time she signed one of her own books.
  13. The con world and how it approaches diversity and equity issues.
    1. Be clear on what she can still spend on
    2. Shift to borrowing books instead of buying books (except the ones she really wants)
    3. Shifting her treat mentality for a job well done from food to ‘nerd things’
    4. Setting mini goals and keeping a spreadsheet to track expenses
    5. Getting on the same page as her partner
  14. How Marisa has forced herself to be a saver for the past 2 years and her tips for saving
  15. How Marisa is now planning to travel the country in an RV while writing more and thinking about the next phase of her life. And how this decision might be really transformative as she realizes she equates having ‘things’ to having security.


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