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TMT 174: Jesse Jarnow

Talk Music Talk with boice

Release Date: 11/07/2018

TMT 207: Aviv Goldgeier (Valipala) show art TMT 207: Aviv Goldgeier (Valipala)

Talk Music Talk with boice

Brooklyn-based songwriter/keyboardist Aviv Goldgeier is the driving force behind the group Valipala, whose sound he refers to as “prog-soul”. Their latest EP, bubble, spends its six songs defining that term and blowing up just about every other genre mash-up into an original creation that results in one of the freshest collections you'll hear this year. [This episode features the bubble EP in its entirety.] Acclaimed singer/songwriter Aviv Goldgeier is a mentor and friend of Aviv’s. I previously interviewed Gabriel on Episode 180: Visit Valipala online: TALK MUSIC TALK GoFundMe...

TMT 206: Bartees Strange show art TMT 206: Bartees Strange

Talk Music Talk with boice

The best cover songs are both an homage and a compass directed to fresh territory. Say Goodbye to Pretty Boy (Brassland) is the solo debut from Bartees Strange and it features his interpretations of songs by the National. Like the (true) fan he is, Strange spans the catalog of the beloved band with deep cuts and well-known favorites. [This episode features “About Today” from Say Goodbye to Pretty Boy in its entirety.] Visit Bartees Strange online: boice is the host/producer of a brand new podcast. The StrandCast, The Official Podcast of Strand Bookstore in NYC at 12th and Broadway....

TMT 205: Walter Martin show art TMT 205: Walter Martin

Talk Music Talk with boice

Singer/Songwriter Walter Martin continues his tradition of making great music. He was a co-founder of both Jonathan Fire*Eater and the Walkmen and just released a solo album, The World at Night. Night is dedicated to fellow Jonathan Fire*Eater member, Stewart Lupton, who died two years ago at the age of 43. [This episode features “Little Summer Fly” from The World at Night in its entirety.] Visit Walter Martin online: boice is the host/producer of a brand new podcast. The StrandCast, The Official Podcast of Strand Bookstore in NYC at 12th and Broadway. Every other week listen to...

TMT 204: Galcher Lustwerk show art TMT 204: Galcher Lustwerk

Talk Music Talk with boice

Producer Galcher Lustwerk returns with his third full-length release, Information (Ghostly International), that finds him expanding his unique take on Deep House that functions in your living room or the club. The Brooklyn-based DJ and rapper continues to explore the darker side of the genre with a complete immersion into beats, hooks and despair. [This episode includes “Bit” from Information in its entirety.] Visit Galcher Lustwerk online: boice is the host/producer of a brand new podcast. The StrandCast, The Official Podcast of Strand Bookstore in NYC at 12th and Broadway. Every...

TMT 203: Pravin Thompson show art TMT 203: Pravin Thompson

Talk Music Talk with boice

A Thoughtful Collapse, the new album from guitarist/bandleader Pravin Thompson, is a whirlwind collide of genres and time signatures. A signature blend of jazz, metal, rock and…????? The Brooklyn-based artist’s full-length debut bristles with his well-honed chops and the perfect musicians to execute his composition skills. [This episode features “Devil at Your Heels” from A Thoughtful Collapse in its entirety.] Visit Pravin Thompson online: https://www.instagram.com/pravinthompson A Thoughtful Collapse will be released March 27 on CD, Bandcamp and all streaming services. A Thoughtful...

TMT 202: Clara Joy show art TMT 202: Clara Joy

Talk Music Talk with boice

Whether you call it an EP or an album, singer-songwriter Clara Joy’s Far From Here is overflowing with hooks. Far From Here is self-performed and produced and independently released. The New York-based artist was inspired by the DIY culture of the city along with the Bandcamp ethos that anyone can distribute their own music. [This episode features “Drop Out” from Far From Here in its entirety.] Visit Clara Joy online: boice is the host/producer of a brand new podcast. The StrandCast, The Official Podcast of Strand Bookstore in NYC at 12th and Broadway. Every other week listen to...

TMT 201: Nick Pope (Again) show art TMT 201: Nick Pope (Again)

Talk Music Talk with boice

It hardly seems fair to have to wait more than two years between a Nick Pope release. But here we are…and the wait was well worth it. The singer-songwriter is not only back with a new album, Wowed Me Out, he's returning to Talk Music Talk for his second visit. Overflowing with melodies, Wowed Me Out was partly inspired by childhood nostalgia and features interludes from Nick’s family home videos from the 90s. [This episode features “Turned Ten” and “Holyoke” from Wowed Me Out in their entirety.] Purchase Nick Pope’s Wowed Me Out plus his other music on Bandcamp: Nick Pope on...

TMT 200: Leo Sidran Interviews boice-Terrel Allen show art TMT 200: Leo Sidran Interviews boice-Terrel Allen

Talk Music Talk with boice

On this very special episode of Talk Music Talk, the interviewer gets interviewed for his 200th podcast!!! boice hands over the reins to fellow podcaster and musician Leo Sidran. Leo is the host of The Third Story podcast which features longform conversations with “creative people of all types.” Leo pulls out both the personal and the professional from boice in this 80-minute conversation. boice has never talked so much! They discuss creativity, spirituality, Buddhism, depression, perseverance and of course, Tina Turner! Also, boice talks about his music, books and the genesis of Talk...

TMT 199: A Few of My Favorite Shows featuring Mel D. Cole, Half Waif and Rue Snider show art TMT 199: A Few of My Favorite Shows featuring Mel D. Cole, Half Waif and Rue Snider

Talk Music Talk with boice

On this prelude to a very special 200th episode, boice collects three of his favorite past episodes with music photographer Mel D. Cole and musicians Half Waif and Rue Snider. Episode 026: To label Mel D. Cole a music photographer seems too thin a description. Yes, he was dubbed as one of Complex magazine's 50 Greatest Music Photographers. Yes, he's the "house photographer" of The Roots crew and Questlove hailed him as his favorite contemporary photographer. And of course, his exquisite black and white photos perfectly capture the performances of artists like Lauryn Hill, Nas and Common....

TMT 198: glen E. friedman show art TMT 198: glen E. friedman

Talk Music Talk with boice

There’s no such thing as too much glen E. friedman. The legendary photographer released three books in 2019. Expanded reissues of two classics: Keep Your Eyes Open featuring the Fugazi photographs and DogTown: The Legend of the Z-Boys (with C.R. Stecyk III) about the West Los Angeles skateboard scene from 1975-1985. Both titles are available from Akashic Books. The third, Together Forever (Rizzoli Books), features photos of Beastie Boys and Run-DMC.  glen also shot the iconic album covers of Public Enemy’s It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back and Beastie Boys’ Check...

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Music journalist Jesse Jarnow has a way of choosing enduring subjects. He writes about musicians whose artistry not only resonates in their music but explores deeper issues. Jesse continues what he does best in his just-released book on the 1950’s folk group the Weavers: Wasn't That a Time: The Weavers, the Blacklist, and the Battle for the Soul of America. Jesse is a leading Grateful Dead authority and his 2016 book on the Dead, Heads: A Biography of Psychedelic America, is out now in paperback. Both books are available on Da Capo Press. The Brooklyn writer also hosts the Frow Show on WFMU and the Alternate Routes podcast.

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