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Episode #50 Jak Locke vs Backstreet Boy Hitler !!


Release Date: 07/25/2013

  On this episode we are joined by the one the only Mr. Jak Locke form the Jak Locke Rock Show. We discuss Jak's upcoming shows and tour. We also discuss a great premise for a new Three Musketeers movie in which Jak has drawn a wonderful rendition of the idea ( which is the photo you see when you download this episode ) .. We also run off at the mouth about anything and everything, offensive and not so... so to the madness and enjoy...

Music by: Jak Locke

Podcast produced and mixed by: Nutso187

If you are interested in hearing more from Jak Locke you can find them on Facebook HERE!!

or there website HERE!!! You also can see the pic that Jak drew http://www.jaklocke.com/lj/itslikeblademancomeon.jpg

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