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The Outerview with Alan Swan

Episode 3 - Laura Parfitt

The Outerview with Alan Swan
Released on Nov 25, 2015

In this episode Alan chats to UK producer and director of White Pebble Media, Laura Parfitt who specialises in making high quality speech radio for all the major BBC networks and commercial stations. As a producer, executive producer and editor Laura has worked on a wide range of output - current affairs documentaries, general feature programmes, religious programmes, live OBs, magazine sequence programmes, popular culture, arts, science, crafted social features, podcasts, as well as comedy, drama, and quiz shows. This includes shows such as Desert Island Discs, Loose Ends, The Treatment for BBC 5 Live, and many youth documentaries for BBC Radio 1. In this episode Laura explains why the very first point of contact of a interview; the introductory email is so important, how never to accept the first answer to a question and memories of her first ever interview involving the legendary nature presenter Sir David Attenborough.