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Ep 37: Chief Billy Grogan of the Dunwoody, Georgia Police Department

The Police Podcast

Release Date: 07/15/2015

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Chief Billy Grogan has been a fan, user and teacher of social media for law enforcement as long as he has been the Chief. In fact, he is the @LESMChief on Twitter!

Chief Grogan knew from the time that Dunwoody Georgia Police came into existence, social and digital media would play a role in how they would engage with their community, build relationships and foster an environment that allowed a trusting relationship to grow.

In the beginning it was only Chief Grogan at the controls of the Dunwoody PD presence, but with your executive supporting the medium, it didn't take long for the agency to put more and more people into place to carry the voice of the agency.

Chief Grogan has complied all he has learned into the pages of a brand new book, 

Chief Grogan has put some considerable thought into this book. Tips, tricks, tools, policy, examples...every page has information that has the most important element you would want...useable content! 

I highly recommend Chief Grogan's book which you can order by following this link: Twitter: A Guide For Law Enforcement

To get to know Chief Grogan and the Dunwoody Police better, connect with them:
Twittter: @DunwoodyPolice
Facebook: /DunwoodyPolice

Chief Grogan
Twitter: @ChiefGrogan @LESMChief
Website: http://lesmchief.com/