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Scientific Social Media And Pop Culture

The Police Podcast

Release Date: 04/20/2018

Katie Nelson is the Social Media & Public Relations Coordinator of the City of Mountain View Police Department. 

The Mountain View Police Department is a leader in the social media space for law enforcement using a scientific approach to how they execute their digital communications. 

Combining pop culture, analytical insights and listening to their audience has made them tuned into how to most effectively share their public safety messaging.

You can find Mountain View Police on most social media platforms where they provide individualized messaging that fits both the platform and the audience for a deep ability to be effective. 

Katie is always willing to share her expertise and experience. 


Here are a few of the Mountain View Police social channels. 




Also in this episode, I open by sharing the Smart Squad App that has been created by Faction Four System Inc.

This platform and its technology adaptation for police is a game changer for any police department that is looking to manage resources more effectively with increased efficiency. 

The Lethbridge Police Department is one of the agencies using the Smart Squad App and you can see how they are using it and what their officers think about it in this video that was produced by the LPS. 


To learn more about the Smart Squad App and how it can help your agency, visit their website here:


They can also be found on social media:




You can find the Lethbridge Police via their website and naturally social media:



Huge and special thanks to the "OKAYestCop" who pointed out the video and the Smart Squad App to me.


Note - Me talking about the Smart Squad App is not a paid endorsement... just me sharing a really great resource.