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#136 - Sacrifice, Stress + the Unsexy Truth of Entrepreneurship

Sexy Soul Radio

Release Date: 08/28/2018

In this solocast, I am dropping some TRUTH BOMBS about the behind-the-scenes hustle of building your biz from the ground UP.

Here’s what I’m jamming on:

- Why having a BIG vision is essential for you to actually move into your zone-of-genius and limitless lifestyle

- Boundaries and why they are NECESSARY to set if you want to be successful AND keep your soul friendships

-Why sacrifice, devotion, and flatout OBSESSION with your business are keys to growth and expansion

- How to move through each evolution of your business and CHOOSE the big version (hint: HIRE HELP)

- How to set up non-negotiables for yourself so you don’t lose your sanity

- Why STRESS makes you stupid and how to alchemize it consistently to stay on your A-game

...Plus other juicy wisdom nuggets from my own personal experience that will be super helpful for you in your journey


This episode will shed light on the truth of what you need to do to stay in ALIGNMENT during the GRIND.

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