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Taking Radical Responsibility of Your Lack of Fulfillment with Ludmila Woodruff

The Stranded Phase Podcast

Release Date: 06/08/2021

The Big Identity Crisis with Caleb Curl show art The Big Identity Crisis with Caleb Curl

The Stranded Phase Podcast

In this episode, The Stranded Phase tunes in to the male perspective with entrepreneur and founder of “Building with Caleb”, Caleb Curl.    Join the conversation as Caleb reveals the reality of being a man in today’s society and his own personal deep dive into himself and his relationship with God. From identity crisis to abstinence, don’t miss this refreshing perspective on the male condition and why we all need to start pouring in to our own cups.    KEY POINTS: How Covid-19 allowed Caleb to get back to himself  Why men don’t have the opportunity to...

Permission To Rescue Yourself with Alechia Reese  show art Permission To Rescue Yourself with Alechia Reese

The Stranded Phase Podcast

Are you sleep-walking through life, allowing everyone else to make decisions for you? Or simply following the path you are “supposed” to be on?    Jessica and her favorite podcast host, transformation coach, and founder of RGLP Group, Alechia Reese, are here to wake you up and help you become clear on how you want your life to look and feel.    Join in as they chat about choosing themselves first and why it’s okay to curate your life. And while healing can be ugly, Alechia reminds us that we are the coach, MVP, and author of our life - do with it, whatever you desire!...

The Ugly Invitation to Bigger show art The Ugly Invitation to Bigger

The Stranded Phase Podcast

Tune in and join your girl Jessica as she updates you on her healing journey and looks back at her experience at the Funnel Hacking Conference.    As she reflects on her unfiltered and sometimes ugly season of growth, find out what it’s like to continuously push through your thresholds and transform the story you tell about yourself. You will soon learn to spot the invitations in your life to show up bigger and better for yourself.    So, what invitation are you ready to accept?    KEY POINTS: The power of pouring into yourself  How pain is an invitation...

Surviving to Thriving: The Incredible Story of Emily Adams show art Surviving to Thriving: The Incredible Story of Emily Adams

The Stranded Phase Podcast

Forget reality TV when it comes to Amish culture - in this episode, Emily Adams tells us the real, unfiltered story of her upbringing in the Amish community and the physical leap of faith that began her journey to becoming the lady boss she is today.     Tune in as Jessica and Emily discuss the valuable lessons that she learned the hard way and how she now helps women in similar circumstances build their own strategies to break the mold. Through doing the internal work first, she affirms there is always a choice to heal, deal, and come up with a plan to exit your nine to five....

Persevering Through Doubt and Debt with Kristina Aguilera show art Persevering Through Doubt and Debt with Kristina Aguilera

The Stranded Phase Podcast

Kristina Aguilera has gone through her fair share of setbacks and downfalls in her entrepreneurial journey. But instead of falling victim to them, Kristina relentlessly pushed through every single obstacle and emerged stronger than ever.  Now a real estate mogul managing over 260 real estate properties, Kristina has unlocked the key to not only thriving but also becoming a figure of authority in a male-dominated industry. Tune in as Jessica and Kristina chat about addressing traumas, betting on yourself, and committing to both your business and self-healing journeys as an...

FRI FEATURE: The Power of Podcasting & Living in Purpose with Triple Threat show art FRI FEATURE: The Power of Podcasting & Living in Purpose with Triple Threat

The Stranded Phase Podcast

In this episode, Jessica makes a special guest appearance on the Triple Threat Podcast with hosts Bee Kay, Chris Bruce, and Victor Gurley.  Find out what makes podcasting such a powerful marketing tool and why it is a platform you should not be sleeping on. Not only that, but you will also learn how to budget and monetize your podcast as well as how to scale intimacy effectively using this platform. The Triple Threat Trio and Jessica also discuss vulnerability, relationships, and healing for men and women.  So join in on this dynamic conversation and discover the Power of Podcasting...

FRI FEATURE: Seasons of Surrender with Lorisa Leigh & Jessica Hurley show art FRI FEATURE: Seasons of Surrender with Lorisa Leigh & Jessica Hurley

The Stranded Phase Podcast

In this Friday Feature episode, Jessica makes a special guest appearance on the Wealth Babe Podcast hosted by Lorisa Leigh!  Tune in as Jessica uncovers the birth story of Instapodcasts as well as how she discovered her true calling through her seasons of surrender. Jessica also shares the leaps of faith she had to take when starting her own business, and the personal revelations made throughout her entrepreneurial journey.  So join in on the conversation and witness how the act of surrendering can be the very thing that empowers you in the end.    KEY POINTS: How...

Exploring The Power of Hypnosis with Traci Kanaan show art Exploring The Power of Hypnosis with Traci Kanaan

The Stranded Phase Podcast

Forget everything you have seen or heard about hypnosis - in this episode, we invite Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Lifestyle Coach Traci Kanaan to share her fresh perspective on the power of hypnosis. Tune in as she brings us on the colorful journey that led her to discover hypnosis and its transformative impacts. You will learn about her unique incorporation of humor into her hypnosis practice and her approach to working through triggers and trauma as a hypnotherapist. Traci also clears some common misconceptions surrounding hypnosis and guides you through finding a hypnotherapist...

From Powerless To Powerful - HER comeback story show art From Powerless To Powerful - HER comeback story

The Stranded Phase Podcast

Feelings of powerlessness can rock us to our very core, leaving us helpless, hopeless, and defeated. But as Jessica brings us along her journey from being powerless to powerful in this episode, you will see that our moments of powerlessness can be just as transformative as they are painful. Learn how to find power even in the most powerless seasons of your life as you listen to her comeback story, and how doing so can unravel the limitless potential that is hidden within you.  Realize your truest purpose and connect with high-caliber women at the Innovative Income Summit 2022 - Tickets...

Validating Your Damn Self show art Validating Your Damn Self

The Stranded Phase Podcast

Ladies, it’s time to realize that you don’t need to wait for the stamp of approval on your purpose and your gifts from anyone other than yourself!  As Jessica and Ronne take a look back at their journey together during the inception of Jessica’s podcasting agency, Instapodcasts, you will uncover the true meaning of knowing your value in both your business and your personal lives. Tune in and learn how to not only stand in your worth but to speak it to those around you as well. So come join in on the dynamic conversation about authentic mentorship, inner healing, and, above all,...

More Episodes

When you are constantly finding yourself in resentful relationships or sticky situations, do you look outwards to find blame, or do you look inwards to find radical responsibility? 

In this episode, life and relationship coach Ludmila Woodruff joins Jessica to talk about taking ownership over your life circumstances and just how empowering that can be. Whether it’s exploring your self-abandonment issues or breaking your toxic patterns, Jessica and Ludmila cover all the bases necessary for you to reflect on the roles you play in your relationships. So join the conversation and begin your journey towards taking radical responsibility with Jessica and Ludmila today! 

About Ludmila

Ludmila Woodruff is a Life and Relationship coach who helps high-performing women thrive in their relationships as much as they do in their careers. Through a direct but caring approach, Ludmila combines her training with her unique communication skills to transform her clients’ relationships so they can show up as their best selves. 



  • How to take ownership over hard truths. 
  • Finding connection and healing through the little things. 
  • The causes of self-abandonment. 
  • What does true self-care look like? 
  • How to remove the ‘should’s and shame in your relationship. 
  • Understanding and applying The Model by Brooke Castillo. 
  • The power of holding space for yourself and others. 
  • Why are you always choosing the same, wrong partner? 
  • How to break your toxic patterns. 


“Relationships define the quality of our life.”

“You can be broken and a badass.”

“A friendship and a true relationship should be unconditional giving without the thought or the need for return because otherwise, you're just looking to fill some type of void.”



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