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Ep. 56 Jenny Nuccio - founder of Imani Collective and Doctorate of Education student

The Things She Does

Release Date: 10/16/2018

Jenny Nuccio is the founder of Imani Collective, a Doctorate of Education student with an emphasis in leadership, a wife and mom. She lives most of the time in Kenya close to the manufacturing facilities for Imani, but does visit back in United States as well.

Jenny is passionate about seeing people grow in their self confidence. She has built Imani Collective as a place for women to learn skills, earn an income, receive their own education, get childcare and schooling for their children. They are also helping these women to start dreaming, and to DREAM BIG! What an incredible gift to help people dream.

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Some of the things Jenny does NOT do includes spending a lot of time with friends, and she has their boys at home in Kenya who like to earn some extra spending money by helping with household chores. She is learning to say no, so that she can say yes to the things she wants to do.

You can find Jenny on her blog or at Imani Collective and she is also on Instagram @jennynuccio and @imanicollective

Book: Think Beyond Value by David Flint
Show: Kids shows are all she watches these days
App: Map My Run, Instagram
Lifehack: Writing down 3 things to do for the next day
Social Media: Her co-workers Hailey Bickham and Annette Wilson
Podcast: How I Built This, Breakaway

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