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This Is Rad!

Release Date: 01/13/2021

Rollerblading 2: The Second Skate  show art Rollerblading 2: The Second Skate

This Is Rad!

This week on the show we welcome back Ron Swallow, formerly of Nerd GOAT and now of The Greatest Pod. A lifetime before becoming a comedian Ron was once a professional rollerblader. Yes, for those keeping score, we have now had TWO former professional rollerbladers on this show. Ron shares what it's like to “go pro” and has some pretty epic injury stories. We also chat about long term comedy careers, avoiding jerks, and nerdy crap aplenty. Check out Ron's videos of some of his old rollerblading highlights and go support The Greatest pod with Ron Swallow and Ed Greer, two This Is Rad's...

Listener Questions #15 (May 2021) show art Listener Questions #15 (May 2021)

This Is Rad!

Kyle and Matthew sit down for another round of listener questions. Now... I know what you're thinking: “Hey weren't Matthew and Kyle supposed to do this episode IN PERSON!? What kind of liars are you jerk faces?” And that is a reasonable question phrased very fairly. We have a reason. It's pretty funny. Go give the ep a listen. You might have a chuckle. The rest of the ep is fun as well, digital as it may have been...   Tales from an Analog Future issue 1 Is OUT TODAY!!!! Get it HERE:      Go to  and subscribe to send in questions for our Listener Questions...

Tiling show art Tiling

This Is Rad!

This week Kyle and Matthew welcome comedian Ashley Gutermuth for a conversation about the fine art of tiling. Ashely moves a lot and does a lot of maintenance and remodeling herself. She has a passion for the craft of tiling and discusses what makes something well tiled. Spacers! Lips! Really heavy things that easily shatter! All this and more awaits you, plus tangents about Dan Aykroyd, the rivalry between Cleveland and Pittsburg, and picking up litter! Weekly Rads: Kyle - hanging out with friends (activity) Matthew – WEEKLY RAD MEGA DROP: Maniac Cop 1&2 via The Last Drive In (movie),...

Queer Fiction show art Queer Fiction

This Is Rad!

This week Kyle and Matthew are joined by writer and comedian Michael Vincent for a chat about queer fiction. Michael talks about his introduction to queer fiction through finding the places were queer fiction has historically snuck its way into that cannon. This would open him up to exploring more of the ever expanding and developing cannon of queer literature. They also go on some fun tangents about crypto currency and bi-girlfriend energy...   Weekly Rads: Kyle - Arrival, Vast of Night , The Mitchells vs The Machine (movies) Matthew - Fried Barry (movie) Michael - Aunt Charlie’s...

Video Game  Music show art Video Game Music

This Is Rad!

This week on the show musician Grant Bubar drops in for a last minute episode. The boys talk video games music. Interestingly then tend to focus on the games from their youth so we get a lot of playstation era conversation. This is FAR from the last episode we will do on this topic so fret not that we didn't talk about the Chrono Trigger score. We'll get there one day. In the mean time, this ep has a lot of fun tangents including Grant chatting a bit about his band Sad Park and their recent signing to Lauren Records.   Announcement! As of today Tales from an Analog Future issue 1 is...

3D Mario Games show art 3D Mario Games

This Is Rad!

This week Kyle and Matthew welcome one of Matt's longtime friend and hilarious comedian Grant Pardee to the show to chat about adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom. The Mario franchise could have like twenty episodes about it, so in this episode we are focusing on Grant's love of the 3D Mario games. For the uninitiated, there are several types of games featuring Nintendo's main man. Classic 2D, New 2D that is kinda 3D, humorous RPGs, and many more. We explore the evolution from Mario World for the SNES to the groundbreaking Super Mario 64. Plus, Grant has a hot take on Mario Sunshine. It's also...

Listener Questions #14 (April 2021) show art Listener Questions #14 (April 2021)

This Is Rad!

Kyle and Matthew answer your listener questions fro April 2021. Plenty of recommendations for comics, books, and roadside attractions. Plus, scientific weed talk and a review of the new Mortal Kombat movie... Link for a FantasticLand digital pass (gives access to all 10 episodes)    The FantasticLand page on Town Hall's website:    Go to  and subscribe to send in questions for our Listener Questions episodes, to get exclusive bonus episodes, extra content, and access to the This Is Rad Discord server!   Check out our merch!   Also! Check out march for...

Old Time Radio show art Old Time Radio

This Is Rad!

This week Kyle and Matthew welcome comedian Quincy Johnson II for a conversation about old timey radio... but also a lot of other stuff. Quincy is a fantastic comedian and he was on the last live comedy show Kyle was on last year. Getting back together they get off on some wild tangents as they go along including Godzilla vs Kong, antiquated weed humor, and America's love affair with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Come for the chat about how early radio broadcasting developed most of the language we still use for modern American media. Stay for the good hang.   Weekly Rad: Kyle - Farscape...

T.J. Maxx show art T.J. Maxx

This Is Rad!

This week Kyle and Matthew are joined by comedian Annie Lockwood for a chat about the the best named discount store in the world T.J. Maxx. Annie shares her almost zen-like enjoyment of going through the racks looking for gold. She has some amazing stories about some of her finds, and shares with us some of her tips and tricks for you to try on your own ventures to the land of discount. Plus, we chat about some weird Wii games and Kyle and Matt learn about cosmetic calculators. A fun and educational episode!   Kyle - Ben and Jerry’s Punch Line (ice cream) Burnside - Creepshow (series,...

Paul Thomas Anderson show art Paul Thomas Anderson

This Is Rad!

This week we are without Mr. Matthew Burnside but Kyle is joined by comedian and filmmaker Nick Thomas and they talked for a little more that three and a half hours about the films of Paul Thomas Anderson. PTA is one of both Kyle and Nick's all time favorite film makers and they go movie by movie breaking down what it is about his work that they connect with and are inspired by. PTA is famous for making LONG movies and but TIR is known for LONGER podcasts. Your move PTA, your move...   Weekly Rads: Kyle - Numark PT01 Scratch (DJ Turntable) Nick - Three Women (movie)   Check out...

More Episodes

This week the one and only Laura Knight returns to guest co-host because Matthew lost his voice screaming at the Cleveland Browns. But Matthew could not have had better timing because this week Rad welcomes longtime friend to the show Richard Eden for his first ever solo appearances. What subject could these two titians of Rad combine their knowledge for? This episode is one of the rare treats were we have two talented experts chat about their jobs as graphic designers. In the past year as Kyle's been studying visual art, he's learned graphic design is a thing. So take a seat next to Kyle as he uses this opportunity to learn about graphic design from two talented designers. But don't worry, just because this episode has some educational value, don't think we don't go off the rails a few times to side tangent about Supernatural, Canada, and any number of other topics. As Kyle says at the beginning of the ep, this one is a real humdinger.

Richard has been kind enough to produce a reference list for this episode


Graphic design software: 




Free Tools:






Paid Resource: 

Envato Elements 












Favorite Graphic Designers:


Leta Sobierajski

Art GD

Stefan Sagmeister

Steve Harrington


Lauren Hom


Dana Tanamachi

Favourite Graphic Design Books:

Know Your Onions (basic reference book)

Taschen History of Graphic Design VOL 1-2


Weekly Rads:


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Laura – Two great webcomics: Barbarous by Yuko Ota & Ananth Hirsh (webcomic) and Brainchild by Suzanne Geary (webcomic) also Bridgerton (netflix show) plus Folklore by Taylor swift (album)


Richard – Zoom q2n (video camera)


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