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Holiday | Christmas Vedic Astrology Forecast

Todays Vedic Astrology Podcast

Release Date: 12/24/2013

There will be a prominent Moon / Mars conjunction on Christmas day. 

Mars and the Moon are mutually inimical – debilitating each other (even though their natural relationship suggests the need to work out the issues brought forth by the other).

This is typically a placement for confrontation and aggravation, irritability, etc.

The Moon wants things to be integrated and holistic, whereas Mars is about distinction and personal strength.

This Mars/Moon conjunction will happen in Virgo, ruled by Mercury – the planet of speech, which also portends arguing.

We are also dealing with the recent Venus retrograde shift. You may be having many issues coming up that revolve around how much you are respected and appreciated – and how much you appreciate others too.

Your relationship commitments might be subjected to revision now.