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Venus Retrograde in Sagittarius: Devotional or Delusional?

Todays Vedic Astrology Podcast

Release Date: 01/07/2014

Devotional or Delusional?

Venus just went retrograde back in to Sagittarius where it will be until February 26, 2014 – Are you ready for a relationship shake up?

A retrograde planet “backs up” in our mind and consciousness, which allows us to experience that thing internally. Venus is our connection to happiness, desires  and others. How much energy are we willing to expend to be happy – how we respect them and how we are respected as well.

Adult interactions are ruled by Venus. Situations where there are mutual desires on the line are ruled by Venus. In Sagittarius this energy of “mutual benefit” and the expenditure of energy to be happy, is measured against our higher principles and purpose. We3 ask our self if we are wasting out time pursuing pleasure or respect from “these people” or “”this person” – trying to satisfy “this desire”.

Eventually Venus in Sagittarius offers a deep promise of devotion, where life itself and all circumstances are seen as beautiful – regardless of how we are treated or appreciated.

Ask Yourself:

Are you wasting your time and life energy is a situation (with a person or otherwise) where you will never be appreciated or valued?

Can you (or anyone) unite your desire for worldly happiness with your need for higher meaning and purpose?

Are you telling yourself that this is possible?

Is it really true or are you delusional?