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Vedic Astrology – Moon in Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces This Week

Todays Vedic Astrology Podcast

Release Date: 02/25/2014

The moon passes through the section of the zodiac related to the soul being liberated: the signs of Sagittarius –  Pisces. This is the section of the zodiac of signs ruled by Jupiter and Saturn. 

In Sagittarius we look for deeper meaning, (related to Jupiter) beyond the primal fears and loss of control shown in Scorpio. Then, in Capricorn those  abstract beliefs are made real and concrete through solid commitments (first internal), structures and routines –  things of Saturn. Next, in Aquarius the inner structure and commitment becomes externalized, brought into the realm of society, culture and large enduring causes that last beyond our separate lifetime. Finally, in Pisces, the soul seeks liberation, even beyond that which represents the gains and losses of worldly culture, life on earth and the whole human drama that we are so fascinated with.

Retrograde Saturn and  Mars This Week

In addition, this week, both Saturn and Mars will turn retrograde, and will remain so for several months. Mars turns retrograde on March 1 and Saturn turns retrograde on March 2.

Both of these planets give us capacity to persevere and overcome difficulties, both inner and outer. Yet, at the same time, they point to external problems that must be overcome and surmounted.

We see the rumblings globally of such issues and problems. Recently many social/political uprisings have broken out. Who among us are not feeling the same sort of internal pressures, and personal ones.

There are big questions that need to be answered within each of us now. Retrograde planets are more introspective, challenging us to internalize and get real about our willingness to face deep, long-term problems and fierce (Saturn), as well as manage impatience and become more disciplined (Mars).