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Vedic Astrology – Aquarius Cycle

Todays Vedic Astrology Podcast

Release Date: 02/28/2014

In the early morning hours of March 1st, we are going to have the New Moon in Aquarius and it is going to be in Shatabhishak Nakshatra. 

Shatabhishak means “a hundred medicines” or “a hundred doctors”, and it has to do with alternative and metaphysical healing where we may have to go to a hundred different sources and doctors to heal our self. Thinking outside the box and looking into futuristic tendencies and alternative ways of dealing with things are very important.

The planetary association with Shatabhishak is Rahu, who is also about finding alternative answers and looking into outside-of-the-box thinking and ways of handling things.

The deity is Varuna, who is the god of the night, the sky, the seasons and the celestial water. The river of heaven and the sky of consciousness are all big things that have to do with Varuna. This deity was responsible for separating the day from the night and seasons and things like that.

It gives this kind of connection to what is called Rita or cosmic order. We have to think outside the box when we’re talking about cosmic order because we don’t really understand what makes things happen here on Earth. The rhythms and cycles of life and nature are really incomprehensible. We take them for granted and think that we have some control over them but often we are humbled by their enormity and things that we don’t understand.

This is related to Aquarius which is about larger principles, themes, ideas and thought structures that are bigger than just our limited perspective. It is opposite the sign of Leo which has to do with the glory of our individual power and inspiration. We can’t fully develop the Leo principle or fully realize the Leo potential until it’s aligned with a larger cause and purpose.