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129. ’The Maker’s Diet' w/ Jeremy Burchard


Release Date: 07/30/2018

Cody isjoined by musician, writer, and entrepreneur Jeremy Burchard to get our beachbods whipped into shape with the classic diet of wandering through the desert! You can find your copy of the book online and within your heart and/or small intestine.
’The Maker’s Diet'
by Jordan Rubin
Are you looking for a health plan that is biblically based and scientifically proven? The Maker's Diet is just that. Using a truly holistic approach to health, this groundbreaking book leads you on a journey that will change your life. Discover how Jordan Rubin's faith-based journey from near death to vital health led him to uncover the timeless principles of the world's healthiest people. By following The Maker's Diet, your health dreams can become a reality.
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