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TMR 033 – The Devil and Daniel Johnston

Total Movie Recall

Release Date: 08/10/2020

TMR 063 – Wild Things show art TMR 063 – Wild Things

Total Movie Recall

Ah, the good ole days of passing around R rated spank tapes. This movie is so trashy, it gave Charlie Sheen HIV. (1998) d. Starring: When teen debutante Kelly fails to attract the attention of her hunky guidance counselor, Sam, she cries rape, igniting a scandal that results in his arrest. Sam appeals to Ken, a hack personal-injury lawyer who has never handled a case that couldn't be helped by a prop neck brace. Soon, a second victim, Suzie, comes forward, and Detective Duquette discovers that the unfolding case is far from what it seems. Things discussed in the...

TMR 062 – From Dusk Till Dawn show art TMR 062 – From Dusk Till Dawn

Total Movie Recall

Remember the innocent 90s, when white directors thought they had the N-word pass for some reason? What do you think their “woke” movie would look like? Probably like this, where the N-word is replaced by horrific rape and Mexican jokes. This proto-edgelord movie was looked at as such a good time romp that it was considered the perfect vehicle to transition from the hit network show ER to the big screen. What a simpler time… From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) d. w.  (story),  (screenplay) Starring: On the run from a bank robbery that left several police officers...

TMR 061 – Napoleon Dynamite show art TMR 061 – Napoleon Dynamite

Total Movie Recall

This week on Total Movie Recall, we try to decide whether this is a charming, unique film about staying true to yourself, or a nightmarish descent into the insanity that comes with living in a barren, desolate landscape like rural Idaho, where the Uncle Ricos of the world keep subterranean dungeons for unsuspecting Debs. This might say more about where our heads are at right now than about this beloved comedy. Napoleon Dynamite (2004) d. w. ,  Starring: In small-town Preston, Idaho, awkward teen Napoleon Dynamite has trouble fitting in. After his grandmother is injured in...

TMR 060 – Dolemite show art TMR 060 – Dolemite

Total Movie Recall

This week on Total Movie Recall, these two born-insecure honkies break down the seminal Blaxploitation movie of 1975 and do a pathetic job of trying to reconcile its progressive vision of black empowerment with the misogyny of the pimp game. It gets complicated. Dolemite (1975) d. Story by: Starring: Dolemite is released from jail after being wrongfully convicted to take on rival pimp Willie Green, corrupt police officers who framed him and even the mayor! With the help of his friends: Queen Bee (the madame of his brothel), Creeper (the heroin addict Hamburger Pimp), Reverend...

TMR 059 – Who Framed Roger Rabbit show art TMR 059 – Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Total Movie Recall

This week on Total Movie Recall, things get Freudian as they did for every little boy who stared confusedly at Jessica Rabbit and wondered what was happening to them. Handsome, chiseled leading man Bob Hoskins soldiers on in spite of the bleeding ulcer all that booze gave him, and Christopher Lloyd goes to eleven with his unhinged, terrifying performance. Did hentai exist before this movie? Because it sure as hell did after it. Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) d. Starring:   Down-on-his-luck private eye Eddie Valiant gets hired by cartoon producer R.K. Maroon to investigate...

TMR 058 – The Princess Bride show art TMR 058 – The Princess Bride

Total Movie Recall

This week on Total Movie Recall, we take a hard pivot from all the toxic masculinity of weeks past and Steve shows his gentle, romantic side. Somehow, Ryan makes this about his sad sack heartache but in the end, everybody calms down and moves on with a nice mutton, lettuce, and tomato sandwich. The Princess Bride (1987) d. w. Starring: A fairy tale adventure about a beautiful young woman and her one true love. He must find her after a long separation and save her. They must battle the evils of the mythical kingdom of Florin to be reunited with each other. Based on the...

TMR 057 – Heat show art TMR 057 – Heat

Total Movie Recall

This week on Total Movie Recall, Ryan stares out the window of his furniture-less modernist home at the endless, uncaring ocean while Steve sleeps on the floor with his hand gripped around his pistol. The pseudo-philosophy of this movie seems deeper than it is because it’s endlessly reflected in all the glass buildings of Michael Mann’s uber-masculine vision. Sure, it may be pretentious, but that’s the point, and if you’ve got a problem with that, I will take you down, because we ain’t exactly doin’ thrill-seeker podcasts with “Born to Lose” tattoos on our chests. (1995) d....

TMR 056 – House Party show art TMR 056 – House Party

Total Movie Recall

This week on Total Movie Recall, two white guys talk about hip hop culture in a totally convincing way when they put on their mustard-colored overalls to go to the House Party. Steve, a sentient walking issue of Pitchfork, schools Ryan on the infinite subgenres of hip hop while Ryan, to no one’s surprise, gets a little weepy at touching father-son relationships. House Party (1990) d. Starring:   Kid decides to go to his friend Play's house party, but neither of them can predict what's in store for them on what could be the wildest night of their lives. Things...

TMR 055 – Any Given Sunday show art TMR 055 – Any Given Sunday

Total Movie Recall

This week on Total Movie Recall, the pressures of competing at a professional level with all the concussions, cocaine, infidelities, and painkillers almost make Steve request to be traded during the free agency period after he and Ryan bicker about Oliver Stone’s divisive 1999 film, Any Given Sunday. Does Steve’s complete lack of interest in professional sports bring this episode to a screeching halt? Yes. Can you tell who’s writing these summaries yet? Probably. Any Given Sunday (1999) d. Starring: Four years ago, DAmato's (Al Pacino) Miami Sharks were at the top....

TMR 054 – Kung Fu Cult Master show art TMR 054 – Kung Fu Cult Master

Total Movie Recall

This week on Total Movie Recall, Steve and Ryan discover that there’s actually an antidote to getting punched really, really hard. The cultural divide proves too much for Ryan in this wild, fantastic, hallucinatory Kung Fu epic of many names. The story is incomprehensible, the fights are nonsensical, but Steve still finds it defensible, while Ryan finds the editing reprehensible. There’s no reason for this rhyme. Kung Fu Cult Master (1993) d. ,  Starring: Set during the Yuen Dynasty, many sects compete for possession of the two golden swords which contain the secret to...

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This week on Total Movie Recall, we stare into the void and find out that hipsters are terrible people that treat the mentally ill like zoo animals and Ryan swears he’ll never wear skinny jeans again. Steve declares that the word “genius” is thrown around way too much and that it should only be applied to people who discover new kinds of particles or create nudity mods for video games. We watched The Devil and Daniel Johnston, so burn your Sonic Youth records and point your plane straight at the ground, because life just may not be worth it.

The Devil and Daniel Johnston (2005)

d. Jeff Feuerzeig

Daniel Johnston
Butthole Surfers (Gibby Haynes)
Sonic Youth (Thurston Moore, Steve Shelley)
Half Japanese (Jad Fair, David Fair)
Matt Groening


Filmmaker Jeff Feuerzeig chronicles the life of a manic-depressive musician and artist, using a blend of home movies, Johnston's own audiotapes, vintage performances and current footage. Johnston has recorded more than 10 full-length albums and amassed a prolific portfolio of sketches, and has among his supporters Matt Groening, David Bowie, Sonic Youth, Beck, and Tom Waits.

Things discussed in the show:

Moleskine notebooks and the Necronomicon

Baby Driver (2017, Edgar Wright, Ansel ElgortJon BernthalJon Hamm)

Far Cry 5

400 Blows (1959, François Truffaut, Jean-Pierre LéaudAlbert RémyClaire Maurier)

Looney Toons (2020, Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam)

The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo (2020, Ryan Dillon, David Rudman, Kacey Musgraves, Lil Nas X)

Lovebirds (2020, Michael Showalter, Issa RaeKumail Nanjiani)

Kumail Nanjiani's X-Files podcast

Devs, teleportation and quantum computers

Death at a Funeral (2007, Frank Oz, Matthew MacfadyenPeter DinklageEwen Bremner)

The Gentlemen (Guy Ritchie, Matthew McConaugheyCharlie HunnamMichelle Dockery)

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword / Snatch / Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Val Kilmer's memoir - I'm Your Huckleberry / Tombstone / Top Gun / Heat / Batman Forever / The Saint

The Ghost and the Darkness (1996, Stephen Hopkins, William Goldman, Michael DouglasVal KilmerTom Wilkinson)

Predator 2 (1990, Stephen Hopkins, Danny GloverGary BuseyKevin Peter Hall)

Jeffery Epstein: Filthy Rich (2020, directed by Lisa Bryant), illuminati and class war

Lex Luthur's will they/won't they with Superman

Le Cercle Rouge (1970, Jean-Pierre Melville, Alain DelonBourvilGian Maria Volontè)

My Dinner With Andre (1981, Louis Malle, Andre GregoryWallace ShawnJean Lenauer)

What makes someone a genius? John Cale & David Cronenberg

John Carpenter

The Justice League Snyder cut

David Lynch

George Lucas will never stop messing with A New Hope

Joss Whedon - Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Cabin in the Woods

Dan Harmon's story circle (writing structure)

J.J. Abrams

Will Johnson, Damien Jurado, Conner Oberst / Bright Eyes

Firehose (Mike Watt)

Daniel Johnston on KCRW with Ben Lee, Mike Watt, Joey Waronker, Guy Blakeslee

John Lennon, Yoko Ono and Paul McCartney

Mental illness, homelessness, bipolar disorder

Van Gooh, Brian Wilson, Wesley Willis

Dead Milkmen

Ben Stiller

Next week: The Cable Guy