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Transduction 001: Kashmir Birk


Release Date: 06/28/2020

Transduction explores the deep insights of the systems, complexity, and cybernetics field to human experience - in organisation, in society, and in our lives.

Kashmir is an international organisation leadership culture change expert currently residing in Toronto, Canada. Having worked across the globe from his native England's and the US to a range of global organisations, he's got quite significant experience on systems thinking. Kashmir is the co-founder of The True North organisation. The mission of his work is to humanise organisations. There are two places where this begins, simultaneously. One is at the individual level and the other is at the institutional level. Kashmir co-creates (custom builds) tools that allow individuals and institutions to tap their tacit knowledge, wisdom and energy. Once they grasp this significance, everything changes. This is the root that resides below their culture, strategies, systems, structures or tech. It sits below their sense of purpose, potential, personas (masks of personality), how they relate to themselves and the world.