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Ep. 9 W/ Mike Cantrell

True Strength Podcast with Jack and Stew

Release Date: 01/16/2018

In this episode we interview Mike Cantrell of the Postural Restoration Institute. Mike not only teaches for PRI, but he also works for a consultation company dealing with anything from athletics to dental patients. He is a great resource for all things movement.

Here is a link to Mike's personal page on the PRI website: https://www.posturalrestoration.com/programs-courses/faculty/michael-cantrell In this link you can find the article he references titled "The Top 3 Things".

Here is another link to the article he references by Rosalba Courtney titled "The Functions of breathing and its Dysfunctions and Their Relationship to Breathing Therapy": http://www.journalofosteopathicmedicine.com/article/S1746-0689(09)00045-5/fulltext 

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