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3 Strategies to Increase the Value of Your Company Today

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Release Date: 10/05/2021

Freedom As An Entrepreneur - Tyler Tysdal show art Freedom As An Entrepreneur - Tyler Tysdal

Tyler Tysdal's Videos and Podcasts

Find out what your business is worth and discover what entrepreneurial freedom is really about.

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Strategies to Enhance the Value your Company Today show art Strategies to Enhance the Value your Company Today

Tyler Tysdal's Videos and Podcasts

Are You Ready to Consider Selling Your Company by Yourself or Engage a Business Broker to Help? Find out how to prepare your business to sell and how to properly value your company while increasing the value prior to a sale.

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There are three methods to maximize the value you get when you choose to sell your company. The first goal is to maximize your multiple. What I refer to is that there are multiples that differ for each Businesses and we'll be able to discuss what that might look like.

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As an example I had a business that came to me to sell and it's name was excavation. It began out as an excavation company, But in the past two decades, the company has transformed into a construction firm however, 80percent of its revenue were from construction.

The company is now proving that Multiples refer to this size of business , and also multiples, which means the amount of times earnings the company? If your multiple was two plus your profits were $1 million your business is worth 2 million or more. whatever your capital assets. The excavation company's multiple was approximately two-to-two and a half.

However, if it was an engineering company that it was, it would be between four and five, which is why it changed the brand name of of the of the. We altered the position of the company. We were able discern it from the construction multiples, but not on the excavating multiples.

Second, you need to change your financials. Now , you must pay taxes and are owed an EBIDTA as well. Your EBIT is intended to be minimized. The way we work is to create pivot tables, and then translate it into the seller's cash flow discretionary. This accurately reflect all cash and the value that your business and the value your business creates.

This is why you should consider bringing back your board meetings from Hawaii as well as your memberships to health clubs and your cars, Et cetera, Et Cetera, et.c., you are able to capture all the value. Therefore, recasting your financials is crucial. The third element is maximizing your intangibles. What I refer to is the moment a customer who wants to know more about your business, They'll be asking questions. If we get answers to those questions in advance and they tell us that they're able to answer them, then how does the business function? And he replied "Well, it's A B, C and D."

We will send you the operations guide after this conversation and contact us with any queries. This kind of approach will help provide more answers and is likely to generate an environment that is more conducive to learning. Let's say the multiple range was from three to five times earning, that is, in the case of one million dollars in earnings, or 3 to five million, once you have your intangibles it's going to be a great way to climb to the top.

And then get a net that is over four five, four and an hour and get a net over five, four and a half. If everything is in chaos If everything is in disarray, you'll be at the lower end of the spectrum.

Therefore, getting your intangibles right is crucial. Keep in mind that when you're trying to market your business It's a team game. What is the value of my business? One of the most frequent questions we are asked the most frequently is: what's my business worth? For those who are like me then entrepreneurs are so keen on increasing their businesses. business , and what it's worth isn't something that comes up very often.

I am always focused on increasing sales and think that when I increase sales and manage it effectively, The business will grow and improve, and it's likely to appreciate more. That's the general rule. But it's still not answering the question of how much it's worth. Many entrepreneurs say, okay how do I get started? When I consider what to start with I consider earnings.

Most people talk about EBITDA which refers to taxes. and it can be adapted in the cash flow of the seller's discretionary. You must figure out the value of your business worth based on the amount it makes. The value of a product is determined by its earnings, and this varies.

There are a variety of variables that determine your worth, such as what field you are been in for, and how long Have you had it in the past? Do you have a problem with concentration? That means that do you receive 80percent of your sales from Walmart, Do you receive less than 20 percent of each customer? There are many intangibles involved.

If you run small-sized business we'll call it million dollars in earnings. It's generally about 3 to 5 times the earnings. This is incredibly rough, and provides you with an image that you could make use of. We could answer the question in more specific detail When we consider it when we look at it, what that actually implies is that you're dealing with a customer problem with concentration Let's say that you've got something to do with it, If you've got some, or have competitors who are taking your business away with a vengeance, and you're likely end up on the lower side of the spectrum.

In the meantime, if you've got any intellectual property that's legally protected or you've been around for a long time, or you're able to sustain your investment, competitive advantage. The way I consider it is the size of the moat surrounding your business , or how large is the moat that protects you? You'll be on the upper end of the aforementioned.

There's always a spectrum that the intangibles can take you from one end to the other of the range. One of the biggest fears that many entrepreneurs are afraid of is What happens if I underestimate the value of my business when I decide to sell it, and what if this is my biggest asset? Many people, that the house is the biggest purchase you'll ever make.

Now, if you're an entrepreneur like me. It's not true. Your business is purchasing your business and then selling it, You're trying to think specifically, How can I avoid leaving money in the sand. In the opposite, you do not want to price it too high and lose people who aren't interested. To get to a good market value is vital. It's basically, how do you get the right team together and ensure that you're pricing your business correctly? It is based on the market it in accordance with market.

There are many intangibles that occur. For instance, let's say the tax system is going to alter. It's possible that we'll get an entirely new president this year, or perhaps we'll see an overhaul of tax law that will impact capital gains over the long term. This could make you want to close your account before the close of the year. In the event that there are artificial structures ceilings or floors that really impact the timing of our markets.

Therefore, we should stay very focused on that. In general, I believe that appraisers are the best choice and appraisers can be really useful for estate sales. for those things that aren't run by anyone else. it. The issue with appraisal value, particularly for small-sized businesses, is there's no willingness to accept a payment for it. If an appraiser states your business, which is worth one million dollars will be worth five million and no one is willing to issue an appropriate check, It's not going to bring you any good. For me I purchase and sell businesses all the time.

This is all I do. I would be adamant about an all-time business broker All they focus on is similar sales over the last six months, with companies that are similar to yours. Then I would focus on market data since almost no other area is more crucial than for small businesses.

The role that a broker plays is crucial in this scenario because you're selling your home and suppose you're in the market for a broker. the most reputable broker in your local area in comparison to a standard broker. Perhaps he'll be able to negotiate 5 or 10% more. The reality is that the appraiser will be in, and they'll for you to determine an appraisal price, but it won't be capable of selling it at a higher price.

This means that in some ways the real estate market is greater is a commodity, but for companies, for instance could change the value of EBITDA to cash flow. When you've got a variety that is similar to We used to use between three and five times the earnings. If you are able to find an broker who takes you out of three, and instead gets you to Five and your company earns $1 million, you've just earned a million and a half more thanks to an the tax rate of 23% effective.

This is awesome. This is $1 million more money you can put into your wallet. Or , for instance, occasionally I've dealt with businesses which were not in the correct category and began their journey there. However, they may have changed in the course of your business's growth over the past five or ten years to an entirely different classification for your industry. Then it's going to the market, creating the pieces together, and increasing the potential of your business.

These are the aspects that matter when it comes to selling your property. I hope this helps in determining the value. If you'd like to contact us for a chat at Freedom Factory or if we are able to help in any way at all, we'd love the opportunity to assist you.

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At Freedom Factory®, we have experienced and witnessed the explosive results of entrepreneurs aligning passion and purpose to create extraordinary value. However, most entrepreneurs have no idea how to maximize the value of their business and move on to the next chapter of their lives. That’s where we can help.

Freedom Factory® has radically disrupted the way high-growth, lifestyle companies are bought and sold, which historically was a horribly inefficient market. When I sold my first company in the 1990s, I went to several investment banks and sold my business to one of less than five companies they called. Looking back, I see exactly how much money I left on the table and knew that there had to be a better way. The bottom line is that entrepreneurs don’t speak banker, and bankers sure don’t speak entrepreneur.


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Who is Tyler Tysdal?

Tyler Tysdal is a lifelong entrepreneur who first discovered theTyler Tysdal joys and challenges of self-employment at the age of 14. Tyler Tysdal was a collector and trader of baseball cards and his budding entrepreneurial spirit spurred him to create Triple T’s Sports Collectibles, a national mail-order trading card and memorabilia business that found a wide audience through ads in trade magazines. While market inefficiencies were numerous in this pre-internet era, a young Tyler Tysdal experienced his first big business win with $14,000 a month of profit result. A lot of money for 14. It hit him during a ride with his mom to the post office to mail dozens of card shipments: He would likely be an entrepreneur and investor the rest of his career.

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