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100% Stress-Free WEDDING DRESS Shopping Experience

Wedding Planning Podcast

Release Date: 04/28/2021

BONUS WORKSHOP | Finalizing Your Wedding GUEST LIST show art BONUS WORKSHOP | Finalizing Your Wedding GUEST LIST

Wedding Planning Podcast

Need a little help decoding the complex, often frustrating process of creating your wedding GUEST LIST?  Finalizing who will actually receive a wedding invitation is a process that will likely take some time, revisions, cuts, and LOTS of patience. In this week's featured wedding planning meeting, we’re uncovering the KEY CHECKPOINTS to crafting a guest list that honors your wedding vision & budget, and reflects your top priorities. Once your general wedding budget and a venue are decided on, compiling a finalized guest list is the next key step in the early stages of planning out...

Ask Me Anything >>> WEDDING VENUE CONTRACT ESSENTIALS | Week 2 Bonus Q&A show art Ask Me Anything >>> WEDDING VENUE CONTRACT ESSENTIALS | Week 2 Bonus Q&A

Wedding Planning Podcast

In today's 20 minute BONUS Q&A, we're reviewing 10 basic items to look for within your wedding venue contract.  This meeting is a follow up to our January 19th BONUS WORKSHOP on shopping for your dream wedding venue.  Missed it?  Be sure to go back & have a listen! Now of course, every couple, every wedding, and every planning scenario very unique - this conversation is meant to be a general guideline, and may not be all-inclusive depending on your situation.  BINGE-LISTEN ... to the entire 12-week Bonus Series when you sign up for a FREE 3-DAY TRIAL of my...

Finding the Perfect WEDDING VENUE | Week 2 Bonus Workshop show art Finding the Perfect WEDDING VENUE | Week 2 Bonus Workshop

Wedding Planning Podcast

The pressure + hype behind discovering your dream WEDDING VENUE is very real.  In my professional opinion, your wedding venue is the most important strategic decision you'll make in the entire wedding planning process. Why is your venue such a big deal?  Multiple other wedding decisions are interdependent on the venue you choose.  Once you solidify the WHERE, your complete wedding day vision can really start to unfold.  Complicating the process, wedding venues literally come in all sizes, prices, and styles.  The possibilities are endless, so it’s key that we go into...

Ask Me Anything >>> WEDDING BUDGET | Week 1 Bonus Q&A show art Ask Me Anything >>> WEDDING BUDGET | Week 1 Bonus Q&A

Wedding Planning Podcast

Today's BONUS WEDDING Q&A show is designed to show you exactly how to have all the wedding things that are most important to you, regardless of how much money you actually have in the bank.  Sounds pretty amazing, right??? Let's face it, you’re overwhelmed & struggling with your wedding budget if any one, two, or maybe even three of these sound familiar: If you get a pit in your stomach even thinking about your wedding budget (let alone talking about it).    If you’re constantly worried about how much everything is going to cost, and looking for ways to save as...

Not Your Average WEDDING BUDGET Convo | Week 1 Bonus Workshop show art Not Your Average WEDDING BUDGET Convo | Week 1 Bonus Workshop

Wedding Planning Podcast

Today's workshop-style BONUS MEETING is designed to magically make possible all the wedding things that are most important to you, regardless of how much money you have in the budget.  Sounds amazing, right??? Welcome to Week ONE of the "12 Weeks of Engagement Season" BONUS SERIES from the Wedding Planning Podcast! Nope, this is not your average wedding budget conversation.  There are no percentage breakdowns on how much you "should" spend on what, no "average cost" conversations, and absolutely no judgement if you want to spend $500 on your wedding, and $10,000 on your...

The ALL NEW WAY to Plan Your Wedding show art The ALL NEW WAY to Plan Your Wedding

Wedding Planning Podcast

Join thousands of INTENTIONAL + JOYFUL engaged couples who know that the wedding celebration of their dreams is possible ... even if right now, planning an entire wedding feels a *little bit* overwhelming! Be sure to hit FOLLOW wherever you listen, and each Wednesday you'll enjoy a FREE, down-to-earth, straight-to-the-point wedding planning "meeting" where we explore everything from: Hidden TIME + MONEY + STRESS savers, Decoding the complex process of researching + hiring your team of IDEAL VENDORS, Identifying + incorporating your top VALUES into your celebration, Muting the noise +...

Be the BOSS of Your Wedding Budget show art Be the BOSS of Your Wedding Budget

Wedding Planning Podcast

You want to host THE MOST meaningful, fun, unforgettable wedding that any of your friends & family have ever been to.  Simple enough, right? Riiiiight.  The trouble is, sometimes our "champagne dreams" really clash with our beer budget.  Most couples don’t have a 6-figure wedding budget, can’t afford to hand over a blank checkbook to a full service event planner, and are faced to make really difficult sacrifices and swaps throughout their engagement. Today we’re going to walk through a detailed conversation that will show you exactly how to get everything you want most...

Your ULTIMATE Engagement Checklist  show art Your ULTIMATE Engagement Checklist

Wedding Planning Podcast

Today we’re going to review your Ultimate Engagement Checklist, packed with 12 super fun “must do’s” to launch into your wedding planning journey! I mention lots of links to more info and past show titles / dates in today’s convo, and I put together a complete wrap up of everything in Want to automatically receive these recaps via email each week so you have everything on-demand, at your fingertips?  Simply enter your name & email address in the box at the top of today’s post:  The days & weeks after saying "YES!" are a whirlwind of fun & excitement. ...

DIY Wedding Favor DIY Wedding Favor "How To" | Custom Color Gourmet Pretzel Sticks

Wedding Planning Podcast

Delicious & beautiful wedding favors for just $0.50 each???  Yes, please! Today we're hitting the road for a quick shopping trip and meeting in my kitchen for a really fun, affordable & easy wedding DIY project. At the end of today's show, you'll know exactly how to make professional-quality, hand dipped gourmet pretzel sticks to share with your wedding guests, at your bridal shower, or to tuck into thank you gift boxes. Not a "DIY"-type?  Forward this episode to your friends & family who are helping you with the wedding - it's the PERFECT project to delegate! For a...

An Unforgettable REHEARSAL DINNER  show art An Unforgettable REHEARSAL DINNER

Wedding Planning Podcast

You’ve done months (maybe even YEARS) of wedding planning & preparation, and the big day is finally almost here! Last stop?  Rehearsal dinner. This week we’re reviewing everything you need to know for planning & hosting this extra special night with your family & friends. We cover everything from the ceremony rehearsal itself to practical tips for hosting your loved ones afterwards. DETAILED BLOG POST HERE --> Naturally, I have a ton of creative alternatives to taking 50 of your closest friends & family out to eat at a nice restaurant ($$$).  Beyond just...

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Today we're hitting the road for a real-time wedding dress shopping adventure!

Before we head into the store, we're going to hang out in the studio for a few minutes to review some of my top wedding dress shopping tips. 

You can find a full recap of today’s show in a blog post that’s at www.weddingplanningpodcast.co/dress.

To start our shopping trip, let's acknowledge that shopping for a wedding dress can come with lots of mixed emotions - both good AND not-so-good - and that’s 100% normal.  It’s OK to go into wedding dress shopping feeling some confusion and doubt!

In pop wedding culture, saying “YES TO THE DRESS” is a once-in-a-lifetime milestone full of princess moments, fancy dress boutiques, and champagne.

In REALITY, dress shopping might come along with feelings of ...

  • self-consciousness,
  • pressing overwhelm,
  • conflicting thoughts about who should come along,
  • discomfort over being the center of attention,
  • feeling lost in a totally uncomfortable situation,

... just to name a few.

In the first half of today's show, we run through a few quick guidelines that will help demystify the wedding dress shopping process, and put you in full control of the way your experience unfolds.

In the second half of the show, we're heading inside David's Bridal to try on dresses.  You'll hear live snippets of conversation on the pro's, the con's, the do's and the don'ts of finding your dream wedding dress.  

We reviewed FIVE essential dress shopping tips, but there’s so much more to get to! 

  • Who should be invited to come along? 
  • What’s a reasonable budget for a dress? 
  • How about traditional dress alternatives? 

The bonus version of today’s show that addresses all of these questions, including my number ONE piece of advice for a successful shopping experience is available right NOW within my digital wedding planning package, The VAULT.

To sign up for a free 3-day trial, and get your hands on that BONUS episode right now, visit www.wedpodcast.com.  Once you’re signed up, you’ll look for the WEDDING PLANNING ESSENTIALS BONUS SHOWS.

Wedding Dress, Suit & Tux Shopping is show #5 and I’ve made it available within the free 3-day trial for a limited time.

A special thank you to our valued sponsors who made today's episode possible!

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