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EP35B: Raw & Uncut: Reverse The Regain with Marilyn Clark

Wellness Warriors Radio

Release Date: 03/30/2020

EP54: Achieving Wellness in the Era of Burnout with Warren Wellness MD show art EP54: Achieving Wellness in the Era of Burnout with Warren Wellness MD

Wellness Warriors Radio

, is owned by a doctor and physician assistant, targets the burnout, secondary trauma, and mental wellness components of health care professionals through credentialed continuing education in the format of intimate retreats, corporate wellness initiatives, and telehealth counseling services.  We acknowledge the barriers of stigma, culture of perfection, time constraints and lack of resources and provide a “how to” action plan to execute these skills with the goal of saving the lives of those saving the lives of others. Our podcast begins with this powerful personal story… “During...

Ep53b: Raw & Uncut: Resilience & Wellbeing Series show art Ep53b: Raw & Uncut: Resilience & Wellbeing Series

Wellness Warriors Radio

This week, we’re airing a special preview episode what’s to come on the Wellness Warriors Radio podcast as we get ready to build ourselves back up to live our healthiest and happiest lives – and how you can do it all YOUR way. Tune in for the big reveal because you’re not going to want to miss it… Now more than ever, we want to foster a sense of support and community amongst our tribe of Wellness Warriors. After listening, please share you experience or questions about this topic in our   We love connecting with you. Mentioned in this Episode:   EP43:   ...

EP53: AIS Battling Burnout Podcast show art EP53: AIS Battling Burnout Podcast

Wellness Warriors Radio

This week, we’re airing a special episode of Beth’s interview with the Finding Contentment podcast about building healthy habits to battle burnout.   According to a 2021 study by Mental Health America nearly 83 percent of respondents felt emotionally drained from their work and 99 percent agreed workplace stress affects their mental health and nearly 1 in 4 employees experienced the more severe signs of burnout, including reduced professional efficacy and cynicism towards coworkers and their jobs.  We are living in a state of perpetual stress and burnout. Something has to...

Ep52: Sun, Safe Skincare & Your Health with Corbin Halliday show art Ep52: Sun, Safe Skincare & Your Health with Corbin Halliday

Wellness Warriors Radio

This week on the podcast, Michal welcomes an international guest, Corbin Halliday, founder of Three Warriors, a 100 percent Australian owned company that’s story and intentions are ingrained in serving a higher purpose - to provide a luxury glow minus the chemical guilt and with an ethical and health-conscious ethos. At Three Warriors, they believe in a natural sun-kissed glow minus the chemical nasties.  Three Warriors was born from the desire to reformulate the beauty industry and bring clean, luxurious, high-performance beauty products to the market.  Created from ethically...

WWR Raw & Uncut BONUS: Anytime Reset show art WWR Raw & Uncut BONUS: Anytime Reset

Wellness Warriors Radio

Whew...have sure have been through a crazy few years!  Is it finally time for a diet reset to get your eating habits back on track? If you need an easy-to-follow template to jumpstart your health goals, then our  is a great solution to get you going. It’s super simple yet more substantial than a basic cleanse, so it will give you more of the boost you’re after by incorporating a few basic steps and lots of real, delicious food. No deprivation or complication is required. Everyone can use a refresh from time to time...   What is the Anytime Reset Program? EASY TO...

Ep 51: Manifesting Your Healthy Vision show art Ep 51: Manifesting Your Healthy Vision

Wellness Warriors Radio

This week, Michal chats with fellow Wellness Warrior Liana Ledgerwood. Liana is an entrepreneur, mother of two little ones and a wife of a professional soccer player.  After receiving her bachelors in education and becoming a school teacher she soon realized that she wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps and be an entrepreneur.  She left her teaching job to run a multi-million-dollar restaurant and eventually left that to open her own hot yoga studio.  With a positive exit almost 5 years later she was on a journey of being a wife and mother and realized that the...

WWR Raw & Uncut Bonus  Super Salad Formula show art WWR Raw & Uncut Bonus Super Salad Formula

Wellness Warriors Radio

In this week’s episode of Wellness Warriors Radio, Beth & Michal have a mouth-watering conversation about how to build the perfect Super Simple Salad. Salads have the reputation of being a health food, but without the proper formula they can be boring, unappealing, or equivalent to junk food (yes, it’s easy to be fooled!).  When time is limited and eating healthy can seem too hard, salads can be the perfect solution for a quick and nutritionally-packed easy meal, any time of day.     Tune in to hear more about… The ideal macro formula to build the perfect...

Ep 49: All About your Thyroid with Jenn Malecha show art Ep 49: All About your Thyroid with Jenn Malecha

Wellness Warriors Radio

is your go-to resource for open and candid conversation about the nuances of health and wellness. In each episode discover a unique perspective on living optimally.  Join us to discuss a wide-range of health topics – sometimes controversial, sometimes with opposing views – setting the stage for you to decide what works best for YOU.  This week, Michal chats with fellow Wellness Warrior Jenn Malecha. Jenn Malecha supports busy, health-mind professionals in taking back control of their health by giving them access to the right lab tests and resources so they can find the missing...

Ep 48: Holistic Health Advocacy with Jonathan Posey show art Ep 48: Holistic Health Advocacy with Jonathan Posey

Wellness Warriors Radio

This week on the podcast, Beth welcomes a through-provoking guest, Jonathan Posey, the Executive and Policy Director for the Council of Holistic Health Educators. He brings over 15 years of experience in lobbying, public policy, and advocacy in food and consumer safety. Jonathan began his career on Capitol Hill then moving to the private sector as a lobbyist, representing food and consumer safety firms. Recognizing the need for an organization that exclusively represented the interests of the holistic health and nutrition community, Jonathan created a coalition of like-minded holistic schools...

Ep47: REBROADCAST Holistic Health Revolution with Camille Leon show art Ep47: REBROADCAST Holistic Health Revolution with Camille Leon

Wellness Warriors Radio

In this special REBROADCAST, Beth interviews Camille Leon, the Founder and CEO of the , creating a movement that is building a bridge from holistic professionals, practitioners, products and services to consumers all over the world. Her clients and audiences are exposed to holistic solutions for today’s challenges, making it easier to choose the best ones. Camille believes in a healthier and happier world through our choices and has created success in building a purpose-focused business. She is also the author of False Starts: the misadventures of transformation and is available as...

More Episodes

This week on the show, we welcome a fellow Wellness Warrior Marilyn Clark, of Off the Plate.  Marilyn is a certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, radical self-care advocate, an obesity survivor, a bariatric patient, and a nutrition nerd.  Marilyn’s personal journey with gastric bypass surgery has led her on a path of helping others struggling with their weight and self-worth to find their healthy balance.

In this week’s episode we discuss…

  • What it’s like to deal with obesity from a young age
  • Standing up to the stigma of the health and wellness industry 
  • Her transformational journey as a bariatric surgery patient
  • Why being stuck in the diet mindset and yo-yo diet cycle wrecks your metabolism and self-esteem
  • Why the “calories-in-calories out” approach doesn’t work for someone dealing with obesity
  • Why the number on the scale isn’t the best indicator of health or your WORTH
  • How to reverse the regain and stay on track if you are struggling to maintain healthy habits
  • How you too can use your passion for health and wellness into a rewarding career as a Holistic Health Coach

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