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Sensei Alan Lau is a martial arts practitioner and trainer. He is the founder at Dynamic Fitness Training in Massachusetts.

You have to stay true to the art and really spread the fundamental and then let the student mix and match them, and that's kind of my goal...

Sensei Alan Lau - Episode 332

Being born and raised in Hong Kong, there is no doubt that martial arts will be part of your life in one way or the other. Sensei Alan Lau has been into Bruce Lee since his childhood days in Hong Kong. However, he started his journey into the martial arts when he came to Boston for college. His love for the arts is incredible because he trained for different disciplines practically at the same time. His life and philosophy are deeply integrated into martial arts, therefore, making it his way of life. There's so much more to know about Sensei Alan Lau, listen to find out more!