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Sensei Amanda Cass is a martial arts practitioner and instructor from Massachusetts. 

One thing about martial arts that I always do say to people is, it's something that you can do forever, there something more to learn. It doesn't matter if you've been doing it for five, ten, twenty years, there's always a new avenue you can explore...

Sensei Amanda Cass - Episode 342

It's always great to hear that martial artists start their journey at a young age and stay until they're adults. What's more inspiring is when the whole family is also involved in your journey. Sensei Amanda Cass started training at a tender age of 8 because of her mom wanting to go back to martial arts while her children are also into the martial arts. It's a true family affair but Sensei Amanda Cass has always gravitated to martial arts because of the great community and the people that she serves in the martial arts. Aside from her worthy Instagram stories, there's more to her than meets the eye. Listen to find out more!