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Ep 11: The 3 Ways Our View of God Changes Everything

Wild & Holy® Radio: Grounded Wisdom for Life & Business

Release Date: 09/18/2017

It’s Wild & Holy Weekend Week and I am so excited. The thing I love most about Wild & Holy is it’s such a huge permission slip to expand, to step beyond the fear of “too much” and “never enough” and ground down into what you know to be true – that it’s far worth the risk to be who you are than to abandon your soul for anyone.

These weekends always inspire me to step into new depths of my own truth and show up more bravely in the world and there’s still ONE more spot to join me! I know if you’re ready to live braver and live truer that this weekend will help you get there! Check out the show notes to claim the last spot AND I’ve even extended a last minute payment plan to make this an easy YES. Just private message me on FB for that option if you need it or email me at livetrue@megan-hale.com.

Let’s see…. What else is going on? Ah, yes! The Free 4 Day Wild & Holy Truth Challenge is coming up next Tuesday where I’ll be giving away over $1500 in prizes, but more importantly, I’ll be guiding you through some of the same processes I use at Wild & Holy Weekend to help you do your own Wild & Holy Work FOR FREE! You do NOT want to miss this. If you’ve been feeling you’ve been living on the sidelines for far too long. If you feel like you’ve been stuck in the voices of “not enough”, and feeling the excruciating tension that creates because you know you’re here to do more, say more, give more, become more – than you MUST join me!!

So, today, we’re diving into a topic that came up during our After the Episode segment last week that was SO good, I wanted to do a whole podcast episode on this because it’s major!

If you tuned into After the Episode, you know I talked about how our view of God shapes the way we approach the world.

And there are three pieces specifically I wanted to dive into.

The first is who we imagine God to be.
The second is where we imagine God to be.
The third is who we imagine we need to be.

Now, I want to hear from you!  Which of these resonated with you the most?  Join me for After the Episode right here on Facebook this Thursday at 11:30 CST to chat all things Wild & Holy Radio and your own spiritual growth!