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Ep 17: With Gurds Hundal

Wild & Holy® Radio: Grounded Wisdom for Life & Business

Release Date: 11/06/2017

Hello, friends!  And welcome back to Wild & Holy Radio.  I am SO excited about our next guest today as she's bringing such a diverse background to the conversation of defining the Divine on your own terms.  Today, I'm speaking to Gurds Hundal, a British inspirational speaker, transformational life coach and author. She guides people to step into their authentic power, and design extraordinary lives that make them feel emotionally and spiritually happy.

Gurds empowers her clients to shine into their light through the art of self-love, forgiveness with a holistic blend of spirituality.

As a coach, she believes that lasting shifts result from creating a loving space filled with raw honesty, practicality and down to earth advice in a positive, empowering manner. Gurds has a contagious energy and love for life, a quality that encourages her clients to fall in love with their journey as a warrior.

Over the first 20 years of her life, Gurds endured a series of traumatic events including: childhood trauma, depression, regeneration of her left arm and more. She openly shares how she overcame these traumas to transform her thinking, rewire her mindset, find peace within, and embrace a zest for life.

Gurds is an inspiring real-life example of everything she teaches. She hosts the Get Inspired With Gurds podcast, where she brings inspirational interview with a guests who have shifted their lives in areas of spirituality, health, or mindset.  

And one of those guests is ME!  Check out our interview here right here.

Make sure you check out her Soul Coaching and her latest eBook, 52 Quotes For A Better Life.

To connect with her, find her on social here: 

I'll see you next week for another episode on Wild & Holy Radio!