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Ep 20: The Bullseye of Bravery (aka "The Playground for Adults")

Wild & Holy® Radio: Grounded Wisdom for Life & Business

Release Date: 11/28/2017

Welcome back, friends!  I'm so excited to share the podcast with you today.  I'm sharing one of the tools I use with clients when we start talking about boundaries, vulnerability, bravery, and intimacy and although I normally teach this with paper and pen, I'm hoping it translates just as well via audio as you consider who's in your own bullseye.  

So, let's get into it shall we?

Three questions to ponder as you move through today's podcast: 

1. If you were to draw your own bullseye, who you would place in your inner circle and your support circle? These people are most important!

2. Do you know how to move in and out of these circles to practice vulnerability and bravery?  As in, do you know what types of information to share with each circle that increases vulnerability and bravery?

3. And lastly, are you giving more weight to what the global circle thinks than your You, Yourself, and God circle? And this is a BIG ONE when it comes to sharing your truth, owning it, and moving past the fear of not being liked. 

Ready to join a support circle that will be YOUR playground for more vulnerability and bravery?  Read more about the newest way to work together inside Wild & Holy Year!