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Dermot Nolan MW: A Master of Wine Podcast Chat

Kevin Ecock's WinePod

Release Date: 11/05/2020

Bodega Tandem: Brilliance in Navarra show art Bodega Tandem: Brilliance in Navarra

Kevin Ecock's WinePod

The astute among you will recognise that I have already recorded a podcast interview wIth José María Fraile of . That was at an Fair held at Dublin Castle back in Dec 2019. You can listen to it . I just did. Not bad. Not bad at all! What was missing, however, was Jose's partner in business and winemaker at Tandem, the very gifted Alicia Eyaralar. Well, here they are together in our new podcast and here they are together at the winery: I am a complete fan of the wines of in Northern Spain. The region offers a uniquely diverse collection of grape types and a great understanding of how to...

WineOnline.ie : A podcast with Will Mullin show art WineOnline.ie : A podcast with Will Mullin

Kevin Ecock's WinePod

When was launched back in 1999 it was a groundbreaker. The first of its kind always is! There are loads of online wine stores out there now. These weren't there when and developed . Indeed it was unthought at the time that their creation would one day be in competition with not just these but also a wide variety of bricks and mortar retailers also.  It is testament to how brilliant is that it has not only held its own against allcomers but has also constantly redeveloped itself, time and again, to suit an ever changing winescape. Online events. Off line events. Hampers. Spirits....

PradoRey: Ribero del Duero Excellence show art PradoRey: Ribero del Duero Excellence

Kevin Ecock's WinePod

In this podcast we chat with Fernando Rodríguez de Rivera, of the fabulous farm and vineyard in Ribero del Duero. PradoRey (Kings Meadow) is the largest estate in the north of Spain - 7km stretch of the Duero river; 520 hectares of vineyard; a hydroelectric dam that dates back to 1858; a dairy farm with 800 Friesian cows; a flock of 1800 Churra sheep; a 3hectare solar panel farm; a 17th century 18 room palace for tourist accomodation and a 16th century chapel. This is mega. The wines are equally impressive!   Ribero del Duero is a fascinating wine producing region. It is high -...

Nicolò and Matteo Luxardo: 200 Years of Excellence show art Nicolò and Matteo Luxardo: 200 Years of Excellence

Kevin Ecock's WinePod

is a name that I have always associated with beautifully crafted spirits of the highest quality.    The family has just celebrated its 200th anniversary of being in business. We are honoured to have been joined in this podcast by the Luxardo cousins, Nicolò and Matteo.   The family history is peppered with difficulty and war torn strife. There can be very few companies that have had to see their entire operation completely destroyed by war - then, with extraordinary determination succesfully rebuilt, brick by brick and cherry tree by cherry tree. Original Maraschino Cherries...

Matthew Nugan of Nugan Estates: a Great Australian Success Story show art Matthew Nugan of Nugan Estates: a Great Australian Success Story

Kevin Ecock's WinePod

is a winery based in New South Wales in Australia. It is the 13th largest exporter of branded wines in Australia, a top 20 wine producer and whose wines are imported directly to Ireland by the Musgrave Group. As such the Nugan labels are widely available through and Centra stores. In this podcast 3rd generation Matthew Nugan brings us on a journey. Along the way we explore his family's quite brilliant history as farmers all the way to where they have become one of Australia's most successful wine producers. Matthew (above) with winemaker Daren Owers. They won the Wine and Spirits...

The Allotment Wine Co : New Shoots for Our Wine Trade show art The Allotment Wine Co : New Shoots for Our Wine Trade

Kevin Ecock's WinePod

In this episode I chat with Chris Gifford who set up last year. Yes, right in the middle of our Covid lockdowns! Brave or Bonkers? Let Chris explain himself all the way from how to get into the wine trade, how to stay in it and how to set up an online wine store. Great story.  Brave. Chris has been in our trade for quite a long time. Many will know him from his time in retail all the way from the ground breaking McCabes on Mt Merrion Ave to the excellent, 'The Corkscrew' on Chatham Street in Dublin. He is well educated with his WSET credentials and knows a good wine when he tastes...

Alison Flemming MW: Reh Kendermann and the Wines of Germany show art Alison Flemming MW: Reh Kendermann and the Wines of Germany

Kevin Ecock's WinePod

Dunnes Stores recently held a fascinating online tasting of its range of wines produced by the great in Germany. The tasting was hosted by , Master of Wine. It was quite brilliant. We are thrilled that Alison agreed to give some of her time, and to share her expertise in relation to the wines of Germany, with us here at the WinePod. German wine continues to be either misunderstood or not understood at all. What a pity. They produce exquisite wines. Listen in here and find out why. Enjoy.    

Virginia Willcox at Vasse Felix: A podcast from the Heart of the Margaret River. show art Virginia Willcox at Vasse Felix: A podcast from the Heart of the Margaret River.

Kevin Ecock's WinePod

When I visited way back in 2010 I was bowled over by the quality of its wines. At the heart of this story was its  chief winemaker . If anyone dares to say that there are no winemakers around who can instil their sheer fabulous enthusiasm, extreme dedication and insane ability into their wine year after year after year after .... then they have yet to meet Virginia! Vasse Felix is the founding winery of the unique area that is the in Western Australia. South of Perth this is a wine making region that is truly alone in the world. It is also a region that everyone interested in wine,...

Gerard Bertrand: Peace, Love, Harmony and Exceptional Wine show art Gerard Bertrand: Peace, Love, Harmony and Exceptional Wine

Kevin Ecock's WinePod

Gerard Bertrand is a winemaker of tremendous ability. More importantly he is an extraordinary human being. He has the vision of a poet and when he speaks it is uplifting and positive. His eleven great wine estates across the South of France contain the greatest collection of organic and biodynamic vines in the world. In this podcast Gerard invites us into his world, a place where he feels uniquely honoured to be a part of. The is a superb read. It is littered with worldly advice and is richly philosophic. For instance it describes his Clos d'Ora wine as 'Unique and bordering on the...

Wine Intelligence - a podcast chat with Richard Halstead show art Wine Intelligence - a podcast chat with Richard Halstead

Kevin Ecock's WinePod

I have been a long time fan of the work that does for the wine trade. It provides us with context and data. Both are vital to our understanding of how the trade works and where it might be heading to next. In this podcast Richard Halstead, COO of Wine Intelligence, allows us to have a look inside his organisation. We hear how it goes about its work towards the three aims of conducting Research, supplying expert Consulting and writing in depth Reports. As with all trades there are many back stories to the wine we buy and the wines we are presented with. The Wine Intelligence story is one of...

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What is a Master of Wine? In this podcast we chat with Dermot Nolan MW to find out.

Masters of Wine (commonly referred to as MW's) have passed a rigorous set of blind tasting and theory exams. In addition, they have completed a written and original research paper on a wine related subject, usually technical. Make no mistake, passing the MW examination is an extraordinary achievement!

So, pass an exam and become an MW. Is that it? Not quite. The Master of Wine title is awarded by the Institute of Masters of Wine (IMW) based in London.  Successful candidates are required to sign a Code of Conduct and among many expectations are expected,'to abstain from any behaviour which may discredit the IMW' and 'to use every opportunity to share their understanding of wine with others'. A rigourous and broad brief!

When Dermot passed the exam back in 1997 the trade here referred to him as 'Ireland's First Master of Wine'. What we really meant was that someone working in the Irish trade had (finally) managed to pass the damn thing! That meant a lot. It gave us a sense of developing maturity and brought with it a great deal of confidence. Dermot is very keen to remind us, though, that other Irish people preceeded him. It's true they may not have ever worked in Ireland, or they may have moved here after becoming an MW, but they were/are still Irish! 

I still can't get it out of my head that Dermot was our first. 

Anyhow, Dermot has kindly sent us the following list. Lucky us. We have a stack of fine MW's working in Ireland now. Or perhaps the collective term might be a Cellar of MW's or maybe a Case of ....

date = Passed the MW examination

Worked or is working in The Republic:

Dermot Nolan  1987

Alan Crowley  1993

Martin Moran  1994

Lynne Coyle  2015

Barbara Boyle  2016

Mick O'Connell  2016

Harriet Tindal  2019

Roisin Curley  2020

Worked or is working in the North of Ireland:

Jane Boyce  2000

Worked or is working in the UK or elsewhere:

Aileen Trew RIP  1979

Robin Kinahan  1990

Carmel Kilcline  2005

Fergal Tynan  2005

Rod Smith  2006

Mary Gorman-McAdams  2011

Anne McHale  2013

Barry Dick  2013

Ray O'Connor 2020