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Luke Williams: How to Prioritize Your Time

Yes, And . . . Podcast with Jennifer Whitacre

Release Date: 04/03/2019

Luke is a life-long entrepreneur and has consulted small businesses and agencies for two decades. He is now shifting his focus on living a fulfilled life and helping others.

On this episode, we discuss a few stumbles Luke has experienced in his career as an entrepreneur. One of his early ventures was a high end craft beer and liquor store in Iowa. After some time, Luke realized that his market wasn't high-end and he had to close his doors. Feeling defeated, Luke chose to put his entrepreneurial dreams on hold. 

Quickly, Luke was thrust into a corporate 9-5. There he learned how difficult it was to be a natural-born entrepreneur in a corporate job. He did not let his job stop him from chasing his dreams. His ventures include: A record label, a catering business, a boutique wine shop, and a doomsday novelty item business. He is best known for founding CancerNeverSleeps and GrabACloud. 

Throughout the interview, Luke gives great hacks to become more focused.  Some of the examples he gives are how to make a to-do list properly, prioritize, gain confidence, and get mentors. He believes we need to be more intentional with our time and spend it in ways that serve the mission.

Luke H. Williams was born in Iowa City, Iowa, and remained in his home state until 2008 when he moved with his wife and two daughters to Raleigh, North Carolina. Luke laughs at his jokes more than what is probably normal and rarely writes about himself in the third person. #live20: Experiencing a Focused Life is Luke's debut book and is available wherever books are sold. 

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