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Anything Goes Collaboration W/ Mike Symonds

Yes, And . . . Podcast with Jennifer Whitacre

Release Date: 05/08/2019

In this episode, two podcast hosts meet in what is called a swapcast. This collaboration resulted in a wide-ranging conversation.
Is there an experience from your childhood that you remember like it was yesterday? We all have moments from our past that have affected our present whether conscious or subconscious. Mike Symonds along with Jennifer acknowledge the power and control that emotions related to the past have over our life.  Emotions affect our decisions, interests, and paths we take in life. 
During this podcast we discuss the affects of culture, brain activity, and addiction on our emotions. Jennifer explains how emotions even have an impact in your business. She is currently creating a new program and details the process of on-boarding clients. This process cannot be done effectively without in depth conversation and connecting emotionally. This episode truly is a mixed bag!
Mike Symonds is a published author, father of 5, and host of the Anything Goes Project. He wrote a book series about a zombie apocalypse breaking out in his home state of Texas. Now, Mike is focusing on the Anything Goes Project. AGP is a podcast about people and their stories. 
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