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YHS Ep. 157 - Spider-Man: Far From Home Review plus Paul Rudd in Ghostbusters 2020!

Yes Have Some: Celebrating 35 Years of Ghostbusters in 2019!

Release Date: 07/05/2019

Happy 4th of July! The fireworks are booming and the Ghostbusters casting news is on fire! We're only a few weeks away from the start of production on Ghostbusters 2020 and we were all in for a huge surprise with the official casting announcement of America's #1 Sweetheart, Paul Rudd! Seriously, find someone who doesn't like Paul Rudd, we dare you!

We're also super stressed about finally getting to see the latest entry into the MCU, Spider-Man: Far From Home! Friend of the podcast John Yurcaba IV is joining the YHS crew to breakdown Spider-Man, plus we're all predicting what's next for Peter and his special little tingle. All of this and more, this week on Yes Have Some Podcast!


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