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YHS Ep. 125 - Barkley vs. Godzilla, Ghostbusters 2, and Our Favorite Movie Merch!

Yes Have Some: Celebrating 35 Years of Ghostbusters in 2019!

Release Date: 11/29/2018

We're back with some serious STRESS including Abbey's discovery of the Rocky franchise and Jake's serious eBay woes. We also are taking a journey down memory lane with some of our favorite movie crossover and promotional merchandise from the last few decades. We tackle everything from Hardee's Ghostbusters 2 Noise Makers to Wild Wild West Burger King Shades (as well as Craig's lust for those X-Men Cyclops Oakley's!)

Thanks for stopping over at the YHS Stress Factory, don't forget to order an extra few shelves to display your upcoming Christmas toy haul; on with the show!

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