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Slowmade Podcast

Slowmade is a podcast that supports your desire to build a more soulful, handcrafted business… one that aligns with your values, your passion, and your creativity. My name is Christine Mighion and I’m the host of Slowmade. I’m a jewelry artist that ditched the hustle and grind of a traditional business model to walk in the slow lane and I’ve never looked back. Now more than ever, I believe people are yearning for a deeper connection to what they consume and how that affects the world around them. As artisans, many of whom describe their work as a spiritual path, I think we are vital in providing this connection. Slowmade offers an inclusive community for those with a heart felt passion to create a more beautiful world with their hands. A community that supports your dream to build a successful business that embodies your unique vision and love for your craft. Join me as we hear inspiring stories from creativepreneurs around the world who have chosen passion and quality, over quantity. They’ll share their wins, their challenges and the lessons they’ve learned along the way in building sustainable and purpose-driven businesses. Together we'll explore the art of building a meanful, slowmade, handcrafted business. • Support the Slowmade Podcast: https://www.patreon.com/SlowmadePodcast • Follow and connect with Christine: @ChristineMighion • Want to be a guest or know someone who should be? Contact Christine at: [email protected]

info_outline Tending a Handmade Life and Spirit Guided Intuitive Craft with Kathy Van Kleeck 11/22/2023
info_outline Allison Sattinger: On the Birth of Sunny Rising, Love, Grief, and Healing Through Art and Music, Soulwork, and Social Activism 11/14/2023
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