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Fr David Bergeron, CC Catholic Charismatic Center, Companions of the Cross, Houston

info_outline Miracle with Our Lady of Fatima 05/24/2019
info_outline Guns and Roses with Mother Mary 05/22/2019
info_outline Homily for First Communion QoP 2019 05/22/2019
info_outline Golden Tabernacle hiding the Most Precious Treasure 04/05/2019
info_outline I THIRST Not for Junk Drink 04/01/2019
info_outline I like to move it move it 04/01/2019
info_outline Mount Carmel Battle 03/29/2019
info_outline Changing very Bad into very Good 03/22/2019
info_outline Super Natural Resources 03/15/2019
info_outline Automatic Pilot and Fighting Temptations 03/10/2019
info_outline Fasting and the Cross 03/08/2019
info_outline Ash Wednesday and the Lessons from the Journey 03/06/2019
info_outline Law of God and Civil Law 03/05/2019
info_outline Friend Jesus and Words as Weapons 03/01/2019
info_outline Powerful Name of Jesus 02/27/2019
info_outline Creation and Praises of God 02/21/2019
info_outline Shopping Mall Experience and Tough Questions from Jesus 02/19/2019
info_outline Receive the Blessings to Be a Blessing for Others 02/17/2019
info_outline St Francis de Sales and the tough Ascent toward Holiness 01/25/2019
info_outline Whole Body Unparalyzed 01/19/2019
info_outline Crisis of Intimacy 01/19/2019
info_outline Why did Jesus get Baptized? 01/16/2019
info_outline Holy Echo 01/16/2019
info_outline St Andre Bessette and Miracles from the Little 01/09/2019
info_outline St Elizabeth Ann Seton 01/07/2019
info_outline Closing and Opening 01/07/2019
info_outline Rise up in Splendor 01/07/2019
info_outline Curiosity of A Child for THE Child 12/25/2018
info_outline Joy Peace and Love Before and After Christmas 12/23/2018
info_outline Gift for Jesus 12/20/2018