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Heal Podcast

Heal Podcast is a psychoeducational podcast hosted by Doctoral candidate and complex trauma psychotherapist, Lucie Ritchie. She believes in the power of healing through education and seeks to help her listeners better understand their symptoms and hopefully shift toward a new, authentic way of relating to themselves and others. Lucie interviews leading experts in the field of trauma like Harvard Medical School Graduate and Traumatologist Dr. Leslie Korn, New York Times Bestselling author Dr. Nicole LePera (The Holistic Psychologist), and many more. Welcome to the show!

info_outline Ep103: Dr. Nicole LePera (The Holistic Psychologist) and Lucie Ritchie discuss the Conditioned Self vs. Authentic Self 12/01/2023
info_outline EP 102: Managing Anxiety, Facial Blushing, and Preventing Burnout with Sophie Scott 11/20/2023
info_outline EP 101: Trauma-Informed Diet: Rewiring Peace Through Whole Foods 11/20/2023