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Feet Up For Five Minutes

Feet Up For Five Minutes is the podcast for mums who are ready to take back their life and finally put themselves first. It's for women who want to create more time in their week just for them; feel more energetic & patient with everyone in their life including themselves and confidently say NO to all things that they often feel obliged to say yes to. Your host, Victoria de Trensé, a women’s life coach & empowerment mentor with qualifications in NLP & Time Line Therapy will share simple mindset hacks & practical steps that you can take to start putting yourself first with ease. You’ll learn how to bring your focus back to yourself and tap into what feels good for you so you can create a life that you not only love, but one that is also perfectly suited to you. Connect with Victoria on Instagram @victoria.de.trense To work with Victoria, head to https://vdetrense.wixsite.com/website

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info_outline 4. What Do You Do When You Feel Like You've Done A Full Day's Work Before Leaving The House In The Morning? 07/22/2022
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