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Cell Robotics, in conjunction with CellUnited.com, welcome our resident informatic Jennifer Doe as she delivers the latest in drone, robotics, cognitive science and wearable technology news. Want your segment to be read on our show? Tweet @fmethods for more information. KPI's: You'll enjoy "Today in Drone news..." if you like: technology, sci-fi, science, news, ambient, space, NASA, military, defense, action, adventure, science fiction, futurists, neo, nu-media, transmedia, Wired, electronics, gadgets, sarcasm, crossover, robotics, AI, artificial intelligence, university, robot rights, evolution, media, VO, education.

info_outline Flashback Friday: Defcon: Skateboards, drones and your brain: everything got hacked 05/03/2019
info_outline A Kidney for transplant was delivered by drone for the first time ever 05/03/2019
info_outline Flashback Friday: Air B&B Pulls a Fast One on You 04/06/2019
info_outline Hollywood's Drone War: Licensed Pilots or Unionized Photographers? 04/06/2019
info_outline Flashback Friday: Amazon gets FAA approval to test its first Prime delivery drones in the US 03/30/2019
info_outline McDonald's will use AI to automatically tweak drive-thru menus 03/30/2019
info_outline Massachusetts Drone Regulations Still Up In The Air 04/08/2017
info_outline Pilot of drone that struck woman at Pride Parade gets 30 days in jail 02/25/2017
info_outline We read sexy tweets about Amazon's drones 01/13/2017
info_outline Cyber experts warn of hacking capability of drones 01/13/2017
info_outline Buzzworthy: Are Wearable Drones Buzzing on the Horizon? 11/19/2016
info_outline Holiday Edition Buyer's Breif: Picking the Best VR Headset 11/19/2016
info_outline Don't do this: Drone carrying electric razor gives a terrible haircut YouTube star Roman Atwood equips a drone with an electric razor, then uses it to cut his friend's hair...very badly, in this amusing and horrifying 10/21/2016
info_outline This Giant Claw-Handed Drone Is Coming For Your Kids 10/09/2016
info_outline Bloomberg Reports: Domesticating Drones 09/30/2016
info_outline Eagle just sniped your pathetic drone 09/24/2016
info_outline The Blair Witch is a Drone? @blair #blairwitch #drones #drone #podcast #premier 09/17/2016
info_outline You're the Guac...Chipotle wants to drone you 09/10/2016
info_outline Intel could put fireworks out of work, gets FAA permission to fly drone fleets at night 09/03/2016
info_outline Why Gamers Are the Drone Pilots of the Future 07/09/2016
info_outline Kid Cooks a Turkey With Flamethrowing Drone and Another One Bites the Dust (And Star Wars) 12/10/2015
info_outline Neurophysiological evidence for human empathy toward robots in perceived pain 11/17/2015
info_outline Wearable technology will up the game for sports data analytics 10/16/2015
info_outline Microsoft's Hololens Digital Health: Avatars Could be the Future of Treating Patients 10/07/2015
info_outline Moonspike, the world’s first crowdfunded lunar rocket, wants to send your data to the moon 10/04/2015
info_outline University Texas: Method for producing inexpensive and high-performing wearable "Tattoo" patches 10/03/2015
info_outline The future of Artificial intelligence is Sexy Robot Bodies: Haptic Heads and Techno Tails. 09/30/2015
info_outline Washington Post: Pope Francis has a drone of his very own 09/24/2015
info_outline Defcon: Skateboards, drones and your brain: everything got hacked 09/22/2015
info_outline Defcon: Skateboards, drones and your brain: everything got hacked 09/22/2015