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Anatomy of Marriage

The Anatomy of Marriage Podcast traces the almost failed marriage of the hosts, Melanie and Seth Studley, and explores parallel stories of other marriages with similar struggles.

info_outline 304: AOM ARCHIVES: Marriage & The Enneagram With Jeff & Beth McCord 10/05/2019
info_outline Episode 303: Fixing a broken Family Of Origin & Anatomy Of Family 09/27/2019
info_outline 302: Fighting in front of the kids! 09/26/2019
info_outline 301: AOM Mastermind & EARLY ADOPTER DISCOUNT!! 09/25/2019
info_outline 300: Celebrating 3 years of AOM & the Relaunch of Season #1 09/24/2019
info_outline 299: The story behind our kids names and better resources for your marriage! 09/23/2019
info_outline 298: The long term impact of Sexual Shame and Purity Culture on marriage with The Love Hour Podcast! 09/12/2019
info_outline 297 Q&A Day 78: Update & chill 09/11/2019
info_outline 296 Q&A Day 77: 10 things you should know about Marriage & Parenting 09/04/2019
info_outline 295 Q&A Day 76: Trouble with an erection, I want an orgasm, and how to have better sex! 09/02/2019
info_outline 294: AOM ARCHIVES: Self-Care, Mindfulness, Stress Reduction and more With Dr. Brenda Butterfield. 08/31/2019
info_outline 293 Q&A Day 75: Ask Us Anything, deeper healing and BIG CHANGES up ahead!! 08/27/2019
info_outline 292 Q&A Day 74: Weekend Follow up, Season 1 Workbook, and I’m so lonely 08/26/2019
info_outline 291 Q&A Day 73: Marriage App, Raising Kids, and I hate my body. 08/22/2019
info_outline 290: Get Your Marriage On! With Dan Purcell 08/21/2019
info_outline 289 Q&A Day 72: The Clearing Structure Continued & BREAKTHROUGH!! 08/20/2019
info_outline 288 Q&A Day 71: Using the Clearing Structure in real time 08/19/2019
info_outline 287 Q&A Day 70: Stopping negative thoughts, Parenting Special Needs Children, and Clearing Structure for the win! 08/15/2019
info_outline 286 Q&A Day 69: Deconstruction follow up, emotional affair, and individual therapy vs. couples counseling. 08/14/2019
info_outline 285 Q&A Day 68: Cross-Cultural Marriage, my husband is texting another woman, I am dissociating and AOM update. 08/13/2019
info_outline 284 Q&A Day 67: Panic Attacks, Inspiration, and fighting negative self talk. 08/12/2019
info_outline 283 Q&A Day 66: I didn’t know I was mean, I am terrified of marriage, and why does my husband look at other women? 08/09/2019
info_outline 282 Q&A Day 65: I feel like a roommate, how to manage work stress, and do I have depression? 08/08/2019
info_outline 281 Q&A Day 64: Remodel stress, Love Languages continued, and what 15 years of marriage has taught us. 08/07/2019
info_outline 280 Q&A Day 63: Helping friends through divorce, talking to my husband about sex, and it’s hard to orgasm. 08/06/2019
info_outline 279 Q&A Day 62: Love Languages, ignoring depression, husband doesn’t help and finding a therapist. 08/05/2019
info_outline 278 Q&A Day 61: Self-awareness, Enneagram type 9, ADD, and searching for inner peace. 08/02/2019
info_outline 277 Q&A Day 60: Compulsive Lying, my husband is depressed and Group Therapy. 08/01/2019
info_outline 276 Q&A Day 59: Rigid In-Laws, ADHD Partner, Overcoming Childhood Trauma and Parenting Tweens. 07/31/2019
info_outline 275 Q&A Day 58: Should I break off the engagement, Working from home with a baby, & Why am I so angry?! 07/30/2019